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Only 1 week left to apply for the EuroSTAR 2011 Country Ambassador programme!

  • 18/01/2011
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Only one week left to apply for the prestigious EuroSTAR 2011 Country Ambassador programme!

The EuroSTAR Country Ambassadors are appointed volunteers interested in and committed to promoting a wider awareness of worldwide good practice in software testing, analysis and review. They participate in an informal network to promote the EuroSTAR 2011 conference within their countries.

In addition to promoting the conference, the Country Ambassador will also help to ensure that there is a nomination for the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award from their country.

EuroSTAR is not just a conference, we are proud to be a strong and vibrant community of testers, and our Country Ambassadors will form a crucial part of growing and developing this community throughout the year.

The Country Ambassador position is a highly prestigious and sought after position, not all countries will be represented with a limited 9 Country Ambassador places this year. The Ambassadors will be selected through a competitive application process, whereby each candidate will outline how they will work to promote EuroSTAR 2011 in their country. The EuroSTAR panel will then select the 9 Ambassadors and they will be informed of their success by Friday, 28th January 2011.

If you are interested in becoming a EuroSTAR 2011 Country Ambassador, please fill in and return the completed application form, available in the Country Ambassador section of our, and return to [email protected] by Monday, 24th January 2011.

Good luck!

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