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10 Reasons Why We Love SaaS Software Testing

  • 01/08/2013
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As recently as 5 years ago, software-as-a-service (SaaS) testing was a terrifying concept for many IT professionals. After all, handing over your data to the cloud exposes you to any number of potential security threats.

But in the years since, cloud storage has not only evolved into a viable competitor with legacy software – it has actually emerged as the superior technology.

Here are 10 of the most compelling reasons why we prefer SaaS solutions over more traditional on-site alternatives.

As a SaaS solutions vendor:

1. We love the close relationships we develop with our end-users. True – with older legacy solutions, we had to go on-site and interact with customers. But with SaaS technology, the entire relationship has changed. We stay connected (remotely) with our clients, working with them on future development, and to let them know about new updates and features. Our incentive is the customers’ satisfaction and long term continuation, and not one-time sale.

2. Development and innovation have never been more fun and satisfying. Rather than the occasional 1-off upgrade that comes with legacy software, we’re able to offer monthly releases to all customers – simultaneously. That’s a difficult task, but we just love it, and the feedback is immediate, which is cool.

3. Believe it or not, we actually welcome all of the healthy competition within the market. With shorter development cycles and more frequent updates, SaaS essentially forces us to keep innovating. As software testers and developers, this perpetual evolution is deeply satisfying.

4. SaaS doesn’t simply force us to innovate faster. It allows us. We’re not bogged down by interoperability concerns or bloated hardware. Instead, we have direct access to perpetually evolving technologies. This allows us to satisfy the ever-increasing demands and requirements of our customers.

5. The SaaS business model is simpler. Subscription-based and virtual, software-as-a-service reduces the need to have offices in multiple countries. And we don’t need to maintain technical support crews to visit every customer’s office in-person.

As customers of SaaS solutions:

6. We’re able to divert more resources to our core business – and fewer resources towards unnecessary distractions like accounting, graphics, training, and troubleshooting. Outsourcing things like servers and data security allows us to do what we do best.

7. With legacy products, we’re limited by geography. We can only tap into the available pool of technicians and service-centers within driving distance. With SaaS, we’re able to tap into a global sea of options. This allows us to select the best possible tools for our needs. And with minimal switching costs, we can easily change service providers whenever necessary.

8. Remote access permits anyone on our team to conduct software development and testing – no matter where they are. Same is true for handling support. All they need is a secure connection and a laptop. That kind of flexibility is priceless in today’s hyper-competitive IT industry.

9. SaaS is cheaper – in every way, shape, and form. No expensive hardware. No on-site upgrades required. Less training involved. In fact, Forrester recently reported that cloud-based solutions can lower operational and development personnel costs by as much as 90%. We can invest those extra savings to make our business even more competitive.

10. SaaS is rapidly scalable – in either direction. We can add or remove subscriptions and expand or contract capacity whenever necessary. This is ideal for companies that must downsize. And it’s great for businesses that are growing quickly. In short, SaaS is perfect for organizations of any size.

The above points are simply our own personal list of Top 10 advantages of SaaS software. The complete list of benefits is much longer – and will only become more so as the technology continues to evolve.


Gil Bloom

gil_bloomManaging the business development and marketing activities of Testuff Ltd. ( , Gil brings 25 years of experience in business development, marketing and operations. A true believer in the SaaS revolution, trying to help Testuff to be part of the growing software testing industry.

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