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2012 Virtual Conference Presentations

  • 28/05/2012
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The EuroSTAR Virtual Conference on Software Testing took place on May 16th and saw four of the industry’s leading speakers – Bryan Bakker, James Lyndsay, Alan Page and Alan Richardson – share their experiences and ideas, discussing the challenges facing software testers and offering advice on what you can do to improve as a tester.

Below are those videos and associated presentations in PDF format. Click on the presentation title to download the PDF.


Bryan Bakker

Title: Model Driven Development and its Impact on Testing. A Nanotech Case Study

The case study described in this presentation has taken place at a manufacturer of electron microscopes. Where traditional light microscopes use light and transparent lenses to enlarge the view of a sample (the item that is to be magnified), an electron microscope uses electrons and electromagnetic lenses to enlarge the image of the sample.


James Lyndsay

Title: There are Plenty of Ways to Manage Exploratory Testing

James’ talk is a swift spin through the pros and cons of typical ways that teams manage exploratory testing, from stealth work and bug hunts through to spread bets and timeboxing. James also looks into some possible alternatives, taking inspiration from machine learning, lean approaches, and from other industries who find value in exploration.


Alan Page

Title: Where (Testing) Ideas Come From

In this presentation Alan Page discusses where new test ideas come from, and how anyone can use learning, creativity, pattern recognition and pragmatism to discover and apply new ideas anywhere – especially in software testing.

We hope you enjoyed these software testing presentations. Feel free to comment or discuss anything you have seen in the videos. If you like what you see and would like to access more free testing material, sign up to the EuroSTAR Community where you can access a host of other free software testing resources including:

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