25 Years of EuroSTAR Pocketbook

To commemorate 25-years of EuroSTAR Conferences, we have compiled a pocketbook featuring 25 testing tips from friends of EuroSTAR! Entitled ‘The Little Book of Testing Wisdom‘, this pocketbook features contributions from leading software testing professionals from around the globe.

This handy pocketbook might be an ideal corporate or personal gift for the those involved in testing and software development.  

Get your copy here:

Get Your Copy!Get Your Copy!

If you are not interested in purchasing this book, you may still be interested in helping with ongoing fundraising efforts to help a brave young girl battling a rare form of cancer…

Help Save Linnea!

As well as getting your hands on this fantastic little pocketbook, by purchasing it you will be contributing to a very worthy cause!

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Linnea Nordström fund. In late 2016, Linnea was diagnosed with a rare but aggressive brain tumor called DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pons Glioma) and since then has undergone (and continues to undergo) specialist treatment in Mexico. This treatment is hugely expensive and the testing community have rallied to help with the initial fundraising efforts and other initiatives including a Ministry of Testing 2018 calendar.

Linnea’s father Kristoffer is a friend of EuroSTAR, a prominent member of the European testing community and a regular speaker at and contributor to EuroSTAR in various ways, most recently as a member of the Programme Committee for the 2017 EuroSTAR conference in Copenhagen.

For further details on the fundraising, making a donation and news of the positive progression of Linnea’s treatment in Mexico, please visit: https://www.savinglinnea.com/


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