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25 Years of The EuroSTAR Conference

  • 12/10/2017
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On the 6th of November in Copenhagen we are proud to say that we will be celebrating our 25th conference! Our journey goes all the way back to the 25th of October 1993 in London.

BCS SIGiSt was the host organisation and none other than honorary delegate Dorothy Graham was our programme chair. ( We came up with the name before the train). 

What was the goal of this conference?

The aim was for 200-250 delegates to come together for a four day intensive testing conference which held:

  • 4 full day, four half-day tutorials (Monday)
  • 4 Keynotes
  • Expo Hall
  • Executive track 

That was the plan, but how did it play out?

Marketing Material

First we decided on a logo:

Headed note-paper!

And a speaker gift, helping speakers keep track of talk times (not like they would ever need to!)



Conference Programme


Then we had to decide the review criteria that would needed to select speakers & tracks for the conference program. (This process has been fine tuned since then, check it out here)

The call for submissions was then sent out to various individuals and companies by MAIL. After weeks of deliberation, the programme was chosen. See how many you recognize:

  • OO
  • 4GL
  • CASE
  • Ladder Logic Automation Politics
  • Politics
  • People Issues
  • Case Studies
  • Metrics 
  • Usability testing
  • Testing Standard


Four people still active EuroStar attendees (though only one is here) Neil Thompson, Mark Fewster, Stuart Reid, and Paul Gerrard (latter two not in the published programme)


There was a staggering 15 exhibitors at the first EuroSTAR Conference!


What were the results of the inaugural EuroSTAR Conference?

EuroSTAR 93 was a great success!

  • 329 attendees including exhibitors, 73% UK
    – 184 paid delegates (43 speakers)
    from 19 countries
  • it made a profit!
    – so we could do it again in 1994!
    and 95, 96 …
  • total over 25 years of EuroSTAR
    – 73 countries, 40-50 at each conference
    – 13,000 delegates!

Since then we have worked hard to become Europe’s largest gathering of software testing professionals and a recognised community for testers to be a part of (and we’re not done yet).

This is where it all began! Did you know that the ‘STAR‘ in EuroSTAR stands for Software Testing Analysis & Review? Well now you know!


To celebrate this monumental landmark we have decided to share some cool facts about EuroSTAR since 1993. Sit back and enjoy!

Where have we visited?

Right from our inception one of our biggest and most critical decisions has been where to host our annual conference. What city do we host it in?

We take a number of factors into account when deciding where to take the conference and try to ensure that the conference is within reach of the largest number of European testers, even though each year we welcome visitors from right around the globe. In the last 25 years we have visited 14 cities in 9 countries. See them below:

Does this bring back any memories? Can you spot the conference you attended? Play the clip below to look back at the Conference Guide covers from the 24 previous conferences – perhaps for previous attendees you still have some of them?  (it’s interesting to see how much graphic design has changed over the years!)

The History of EuroSTAR by Numbers

Check out some of the more notable facts & figures about our conferences.










Over our 25 year span we have welcomed 12,000+ delegates, from over 3,500 companies, representing over 70 countries with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%! 2017 is just the fifth year in EuroSTAR’s history where we will host visitors from six continents with Europe, North & South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania represented.

What does our Community have to say?

EuroSTAR is different, our key strength is in our community. Our Honorary Delegate group is the epitome of such. The title of Honorary Delegate is a significant honour bestowed by EuroSTAR Conferences and is awarded to individuals in recognition of their long-standing association with the conference. Honorary Delegate status entitles the bearer to attend the annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference free of charge.

Recently we asked Mark Fewster, Anne Mette Hass and Geoff Thompson why they show unyielding loyalty to our brand year after year and this is what they had to say:


Mark Fewster:

“EuroSTAR to me is like the mothership of software testing conferences, the first, the largest, and so much more than a conference. Over its 25 years it has delivered great programmes and invaluable networking opportunities. It is the pre-eminent event in the calendars of all discerning testers.”




Anne Mette Hass Anne Mette Hass

“EuroSTAR is a warm, bustling place where I meet test enthusiasts, both new and well-known to me, for a few days in the winter to endulge in unlimited sharing of test ideas, experiences, fun, and ’hygge’.”

Geoff Thompson
“EuroSTAR has figured in my life for 20 years, why because it is a great place to network (I have met so many good testing friends there) and it’s a great place to learn and understand that people have the same issues that you do. But most of all it’s a fun event to attend.

The EuroSTAR team would like to thank our amazing community for the past 25 years. Without you none of this would have been possible!
We would also like to give a special mention to Dorothy Graham who gave a breathtaking talk on the history of EuroSTAR and was instrumental in the construction of this timeline.

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