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3 Tips to Help You Stand Out in Your Next Testing Job Search

  • 15/09/2011
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So you are contemplating moving up in the world of software testing and want to land that awesome job. Here are 3 tips that might help you along the way.

1. Get published

A blog on software testing could seriously impress your next employer, however it is not for everyone. Getting published somewhere on the web can give you lots of bonus points. Consider writing for software testing publications, EuroSTAR blog (!) and guest blogging on other peoples blogs. Ensure these are mentioned when applying for a job.

2. Participating in the Community

There is so much going on in the testing world. Opportunities everywhere to get involved to help improve our industry. Have you participated in a Weekend Testing session? Attended a local software testing meetup? Contributed in online forums? Attended conferences?

You may be surprised at the people you meet and the friendships you may make :)
The more you can show you participate within the software testing community, the higher chance you will get noticed by your future employer.

3. Maintain an Online Presence

Social Media is here to stay, probably. It is here for now and the foreseeable future. It doesn’t mean that you need to participate every single day. Though building relationships and having meaningful conversations with people will do you no harm.

LinkedIn, Twitter and dedicated online communities are the most popular options for software testers. A trail is left every time you participate online, so make sure it makes you look good. Have you tried searching for yourself recently on Google? LinkedIn? Twitter? FaceBook? Do you like what you see?


About Rosie Sherry

Rosie is the Founder and Community Manager at The Software Testing Club ( & The Testing Planet ( She loves running the day to day activities of the software testing community. When she is not tweeting on @testingclub she tweets for herself @rosiesherry. You can also occassionally find her over on her personal website (

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