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The 4 E’s for Getting the Most out of EuroSTAR 2011

  • 06/10/2011
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EuroSTAR seems just around the corner and as usual I’m expecting 4 days packed with inspiring sessions, networking opportunities and fun. It can be overwhelming with so much to do. Getting the most out of EuroSTAR is about finding the right balance. For this I recommend considering the 4 E’s:

Explore: Examine the conference programme and select the tutorials and sessions that are relevant for your job and career. Get direct hands-on testing experience at the Test Lab. Visit the exhibitors at the Expo to learn about the latest tools, services and trainings. I urge you though to leave some flexibility in your schedule to explore and allow time for “serendipity” – I often found that best experiences were the ones I didn’t plan for.

Engage: Consider this a great opportunity to communicate with your peers from around the (testing) globe, socialise and build up your network. I’m sure it’s not every day you get to meet a fellow tester from New Zealand (…well unless you are from New Zealand). Exchange your business cards and ideas with fellow testing professionals. Who knows – you might find a new friend… or perhaps a new job opportunity (remember to bring a stack of business cards with you).

Enjoy: There are plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills and acquire new ones. In fact it is easy to overexert yourself. To avoid brain meltdown due to information overload, my advice would be to relax and pace yourself. Exploit the opportunity to participate in the social events, collect freebies at the Expo or simply unwind with a cup of coffee or tea and digest what you’ve learned.

Evolve: Try looking for the key points in every session you attend. Note the ideas you’ve picked up at the conference plan put at least one idea into action once you’re back (…but don’t go for too many). Develop a roadmap that can help you evolve as a tester and advance your career.

Enjoy the conference and have a great time in Manchester!

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