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5 Good Reasons For A Documented Test Strategy

  • 26/10/2011
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Here are five good reasons why I feel that having an appropriate test strategy, documented at the right level makes sense and represents good practice.


Please feel free to challenge them or supply other good reasons….

1: Documenting a test strategy gives you time to think about what exactly the testing has to achieve, what and who is required to achieve it, how long it might take and what stages you will have to go through. Particularly if intelligently following a checklist of items to consider it helps manage and formalise your thinking so that all elements are covered.

2: Circulating a documented test strategy allows others to review, to cross reference sections and validate the content. This is particularly useful where you do not have the level of knowledge you would like.

3: Documenting a strategy assists with the overall project planning, providing the project manager with a reference document that provides a comprehensive list, explanation and justification for the various test phases and requirements, and can provide evidence to support the testing budget you are asking for.

4: Having a documented test strategy provides a point of reference both for yourself and others as the project progresses, allowing you to be reminded of the overall goals that have been agreed as you adapt the strategic response to each new challenge.

5:Having a documented strategy allows all stakeholders to have a say in the testing process and allows the final approach to be signed up to by all relevant parties.

What other reasons, for or against, do you have?

Tony Simms is the Principal Consultant at Roque Consulting ( ). He can be contacted via email at [email protected]

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