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5 Tips on How to Become a Great Public Speaker

  • 15/06/2018
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  • Posted by Nicola

The EuroSTAR team, the attendees and the speakers themselves are getting ready for our 25th Annual Software Testing Conference held in the Hague this November and we cannot make the time go faster. And while we look at 2018 Conference timetable (which you can find here), we cannot help but wonder what exactly it is that inspires public speakers to…. well, speak in public. What inspires them to be great public figures, does it come naturally or is this skill born from years of talking on the stage? And most importantly, how do you get better? 


With that in mind, we wanted to publish this article which contains tips and advice on how to become a great public speaker at any conference. 



1. Choose a topic

Before making any public speeches, you need to find out what you really want to talk about. What topics are you confident in expressing your opinion? Have you experience in the field/industry you would like to cover? Dig really dig and find out what subjects are most interesting to you. 



2. Be Passionate 

To put it simply, you need to be passionate in the topic you want to talk about. To put it in an example, let’s say you have 2 graphic designers. One does his work with a 9-5 mindset. The other one loves his job and is constantly hungry for new ideas and techniques. That is what distinguishes a person who does his job from a person who is passionate about his work.  You need to constantly learn and discover and the more information you can share, the better and more interesting your public speeches will become. 




3. Put it to work

Once you know what topic you like and know how passionate you are , it is time to practice, practice, practice. If you have a bi of a stage fright, here is a great site that will help you overcome this fear. But, like during every sport, or hobby, you need to practice to become better than you were yesterday – it is the only way. 



4. Create Demos

Think about it – every movie has a trailer that gives a little bite, that little taste of what to expect before viewers see a 90-minute movie. The same goes to public speeches. If you want people to recognize you, you need give them a reason to do so- and that means not by forcing them to listen to you for an hour or so without that previous demo. Upload your video on your website and YouTube, send it over to other speakers including your fans. If you need some creative examples, here is how 



5. Learn from the Good and Bad Feedback

Even though you have prepared your best speech and have thought of every last detail, there will always be a group of people that may dislike and/or disapprove with your opinion. Why? Because we’re all different and have different thoughts. Without diversity of opinions, life would be incredibly boring. So, listen to all the feedback and take it in – this way you will grow, know your strengths and weaknesses and will help you become a better public speaker.



Hopefully these tips have guided you in a way. The lesson here is – practice in order to become a great public speaker. A great skill is born by constantly trying and working hard. And with that in mind, here is a picture of Rocky and his determination to become the greatest Boxer. 




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