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A successful result of an unsuccessful story

  • 21/11/2013
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A successful result of an unsuccessful story – From the session “This Is Not A Success Story”at the 2013 EuroSTAR Conference.


During EuroSTAR we presented an unsuccessful case, where I, Ard Kramer, shared my experience of assignment where I failed as a test manager. I presented my case (you can still find my slides at the EuroSTAR webpage and I will write down my experience another time)
The most interesting part of the presentation was the interaction with the audience where we discussed the question “what are the most important questions you ask yourself every day when you are working on your test assignment”. The result of this discussion (with many thanks to Fiona Charles and James Lyndsay) is a mind map with those questions. We added the mind map to this mini-blog. First of all as a PDF (link) but also as jpeg.

The mind map is also available in Freemind mind map format, please contact us if you wish to receive this file*.
Do you have some additions to this mind map? We are going to try to discuss this mind map on other congresses to see if there are differences between what we heard at EuroSTAR and what we will hear at other places.

But if you have already feedback for us, please let us know!
ard kramer_web_50x67Ard Kramer ([email protected])



joep lobee_web_50x67Joep Lobee ([email protected])



*if you want to download Freemind, use this link

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