2020 EuroSTAR Testing Excellence AwardEuropean Testing Excellence Award

The Testing Excellence Award is the highest honour awarded by the EuroSTAR Community each year. Since 1993, the EuroSTAR team have been focused on creating great content and long-lasting connections for the software testing community and along this journey, we have had such fun, collaborating with many distinguished testers who have dedicated their professional lives to the craft of software testing.

The EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award highlights outstanding achievements by exceptional individuals in our community. The Award recognises the people who have most influenced our testing careers – colleagues, mentors, coaches, team-leaders, visionaries, hard-workers and persuasive thinkers … those who help us achieve more, be more, and aim for more by continuously striving for excellence in their work.

The Hall of Fame features 21 EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award winners and these are some of the most influential members of the global testing community. This impressive assembly of respected winners illustrates the calibre of testing professional with whom this award is associated.

In 2020 we celebrate 22 years of the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award. It is the original and longest running recognition of an individual in the software testing industry and we look forward to presenting our 22nd EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award at EuroSTAR Online this November.

Key Dates

  • Nominations open – Thursday 8th October
  • Closing Date – Monday 2nd November
  • Winner Announced – Thursday 19th November

How is the Winner Chosen?

A EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award nominee should possess the following attributes:

  • Through their work they have increased public awareness of the importance of software quality and testing
  • They will have contributed to the improvement of software development and testing processes
  • Their work may have advanced the publication of research findings in the field of software quality and testing
  • It’s likely they will have promoted a love of further education and lifelong learning in software quality and testing

How do I Nominate?

Submissions will be accepted in pdf format and can be sent by email to Lorraine Banks, General Manager of EuroSTAR Conferences on [email protected]

We ask that you include the following:

  • Describe what this person has done (in as much detail as relevant)
  • Describe the impact or effect that your nominee has had on the software testing community
  • Gather testimonials, praise or references from within the testing community from people that your nominee has worked with.

EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award – Hall of Fame

See the twenty one inspirational winners of the EuroSTAR European Testing Excellence Award. We look forward to celebrating with the 2020 winner as chosen by the community.