Supporting Organisations

The EuroSTAR Software Testing Community connects testers throughout the whole of Europe. It is welcoming and inclusive. Our aim is to help testers, QA engineers, SDETs to realise their absolute full potential.

We connect with many supporting organisations throughout Europe who are helping their own local communities and together we help software testers connect and build their professional network. As the longest established Software Testing Community in Europe, EuroSTAR works with many different styles of organisations. Our Supporting Organisations (listed below) are not-for-profit Special Interest Groups in Software Testing (SIGIST) and professional networks which all work to promote knowledge sharing amongst software testing professionals in their local region.

Supporting Organisation Benefits

  • Opportunities to win tickets to EuroSTAR at local Events hosted by your organisation supported by EuroSTAR
  • Access to exceptional online learning resources on EuroSTAR Huddle


How to become a Supporting Organisation

If you are a non-for-profit SIGIST and are interesting in becoming a Supporting Organisation of EuroSTAR, please get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to explore a potential partnership.

EuroSTAR Supporting Organisations by country


Technologisch Instituut vzw

Upon its foundation in 1940 the Technological Institute (TI) took on the specific task of contributing to the propagation of science and technology, both amongst engineers and scientists, and the public at large. TI has been open not only to the highly qualified engineer, but also to the business world. TI therefore has close ties with industry through the engineer, the numerous participants in its activities and the corporate membership.

On an annual basis TI organises 130 to 150 activities: some 40 lectures and visits, 65 seminars, workshops and symposia, some 30 courses and approx. 5 international conferences. These activities are characterised by a spirit of innovative and practical problem-solving on a scientific basis. TI is active in all professional fields where technology and science play a central part (34 different sections). TI has been responsible for organising over 100 International scientific conferences attended by anywhere from 120 to 2300 participants. TI activities can boast an annual attendance of over 10,000 participants. TI offers industrial and academic circles as well as official authorities a platform dedicated to the exchange and transfer of scientific knowledge and experience.



Tecpoint – Denmark is a professional network, which consists of about 75 Danish companies. The forum organises ten experience exchange groups in the areas of software quality, software testing, software metrics, object oriented methods, broadband communication, multimedia technology, and software process improvement (the Danish SPIN-group). The forum is sponsored by DELTA Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics, which acts as secretariat for the Software Technology Forum. Website:

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Finnish Association for Software Testing (FAST)

Finnish Association for Software Testing (FAST), know as “TestausOSY” in finnish is the main testing paradigm-neutral network of testing people in Finland and a forum for all schools of testing. We had a good start in 2001 and now have more than 900 members. We work on many forms and fronts, by organising and co-organising events & conferences, hosting the “Tester of the Year” award, publishing testing eMagazine and discussing over the Net. We co-operate with other organisations of IT and Software world – any informal networks as well as the various formal organisations. Join the LinkedIn group.

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testausosy FAST


The German Computer Society SIG

Fachbereich Softwaretechnik is the special interest group for software engineering of the German Computer Science Society. Its aim is to promote software engineering. It especially wants to foster the communication between academia and industry, between research and application, and to foster the resulting transfer of knowledge, experience and judgement. It also engages in the definition of software engineering education and education options.

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STeP-IN Forum

STeP-IN is India’s first and most comprehensive forum exclusively focused on Software Testing. STeP-IN Forum has played a pioneering role in shaping the evolution of Software Testing in India. The numbers reveal the true story! STeP-IN Forum has benefited more than 25,000 test professionals, managers, architects, Vice Presidents and CxOs through a variety of conferences, tutorials, evening talks and webinars. Over the years, STeP-IN has produced more than 2 dozen of software testing conferences and multiple themed events across different locations in India. The Annual STeP-IN SUMMIT has grown to be one of the largest Testing Conferences in the Asia-Pacific Region. Within a span of a decade of its formation, STeP-IN has opened chapters at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. The thought leadership for STeP-IN is provided by the Steering and Chapter Executive Committees, which comprise of stalwarts from the industry.

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STeP-IN forum


SoftTest – Ireland

SoftTest Ireland was established in 2002. Its objectives are to – Provide a forum to share testing experiences, enabling networking with other testing professionals in Ireland – Provide opportunities to gain knowledge to help improve the testing process in their own organisations -Support and encourage professional development and training for testers and students of software testing.

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SIGiST Israel was founded in June 2000 and is now the official and largest professional testing community forum in the Israeli market. Since 2005, SIGiST Israel has joined up with two main partners: the ITCB (Israeli Testing Certification Board) – on the professional aspects, and with SELA College and technology center on the business aspects. SIGiST Israel meets every quarter; meetings are usually sponsored by testing companies, testing services companies and testing tool vendors. Once a year, SIGiST Israel holds a conference, and invites international speakers and Israeli testing community speakers to discuss hot testing topics. In 2008, SIGiST introduced the Testing Mini-Tracks program; which is population-focused meetings for test managers and test engineers. The meetings are aimed to serve as a working group forum (the format is presentation on a hot topic, and then an open discussion).

SIGIST Israel purpose and goals are to create a place in Israel where testing professionals can meet, speak on common issues, suggest solutions to common problems, and be a place were they can come up with a request for an answer, and get it! It aims to be the driving force and the trigger for recognition of the testing profession in Israel and is working to increase the awareness toward certification for the different levels of testing (using the ISTQB® certification scheme).

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TestNet is the independent association for professional testers in the Netherlands. It is a thriving organization with over 1900 members. TestNet was founded in 1997 as a network organization of, by and for testers, as a result of people meeting at EuroSTAR. TestNet has been a supporting organization right from the beginning, we are a supporting organization for over 20 years.

TestNet offers its members the opportunity to build and maintain contacts with other testers outside their immediate work environment, thus sharing knowledge and experience from practice. Every month theme evenings are held and working groups elaborate on specific test subjects. Every spring and autumn TestNet organizes a major one-day event with workshops, keynotes and parallel presentations (these events always have over 600 participants!). TestNet has steadily grown and is now one of the largest independent organizations of IT-professionals in the Netherlands and probably in Europe. Through the website and the weekly email-newsflash TestNet publishes many news-items, columns and articles written by members.

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Norwegian Computer Society

The NCS is the largest special interest society for information technology (IT) in Norway. It is an open, independent forum for Norway’s IT professionals and advanced IT users. The society encompasses the IT industry, corporations in general and research and development institutions. The NCS is an independent and wholly self-financed society with more than 10,500 registered members and more than 1,200 company members.

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DND logo


SJSI – Polish SW Quality Organization

Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informtycznych (ang. The Association for the Quality of Information Systems) in short Polish Testing Board is the most significant non-profit organization in Poland building public awareness about software quality. The society was founded in 2003 as a community body for IT professionals. Today represents a local community for international organizations like ISTQB and IREB.

With hundreds follower in social media, more than 300 participants in its conferences each year and many other non-formal meetings can reach the majority of Polish IT professionals active in the field of software quality and testing. Most known and recognized initiatives founded by PTB are Testwarez and reQuest. As for supported events TestingCup. The society also supports Quale magazine. Follow on Twitter: @SjsiOrg and Facebook: @Sjsi Org

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Tabăra de Testare

Tabăra de Testare, The Testing Camp in English, is a community of 2000+ testers and other professionals from the Romanian IT industry. Their goal is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and lessons learned in testing. For the last few years they have had monthly meetups in 4 cities in Romania (Cluj Napoca, Bucharest, Timișoara and Iași) and one yearly, national testing camp.

Follow on Twitter: and Facebook:

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Scottish SIGIST – BCS

BCS in Scotland acts as a national focal point for Scottish Interests, Issues, News and Events. It is the voice of Scottish ICT professionals in such national bodies as the Scottish Parliament and Government, NHS Scotland and local authorities in Scotland. The Branches and main Specialist Groups active in Scotland are listed on the website.

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SAST, Swedish Association Software Testing, is the biggest Swedish non-profit, independent test organisation with over 4.500 members. It was started in 1995 and the goals are to:

  • Create forums where members can exchange experiences and network with each other
  • Support the development of software testing
  • Aid the members’ skills development

SAST also have three local organisations situated in different places in Sweden. Four times a year SAST arranges a full day seminar on testing and testing related subjects. Presenters from all over the world are invited to share their knowledge. The meetings are sponsored by more than a dozen testing companies and are at cost price for the members. We have established a cooperation with the academic world and invite researchers both from the industry and the academic world as speakers. SAST aims is to create forums for knowledge & experience exchange between testers in Sweden.

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United Kingdom

BCS SIGIST (Special Interest Group in Software Testing)

The BCS SIGIST was established in 1989 to further the interests/education of software/system testers, and is now the largest independent group of testers in the UK. It hosts conferences five times each year in London with presentations on all aspects of testing as well as providing a good opportunity for members to network.

The SIGIST also runs a library, hosts book reviews and has an exhibition by vendors of testing tools/services running in parallel with each conference. A newsletter is issued on a regular basis to keep members in touch, with news/articles etc. The SIGIST invites Keynote Speakers who are renowned internationally for their testing experience to present papers, providing members with the opportunity to question them on aspects of testing. Occasionally the conferences also include BOF (Birds of a Feather) sessions allowing individuals to join a group to discuss specific testing issues.

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