Learn from Global Expertise & Real-World Experiences at EuroSTAR 2015

Agile methodologies are increasingly commonplace for many in software development – yet projects continue to fail, leading to apprehension for those yet to make the transition to agile.

If you are considering a transition or already have and are not impressed, perhaps one of our full-day tutorials have the answers to your problems?


K3-Payne_JeffTutorial A: Root Causes of Agile Project Failures

Join Jeffrey Payne as he explores why agile projects fail, examining root causes of failure and how to side-step them.
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Tutorial_B_Bob_Galen_webTutorial B: Keys for Transitioning from Traditional to Agile Testing

Agile expert Bob Galen shares critical lessons from teams he’s observed making the transition.
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The conference also features two track sessions which focus on agile teething problems – Grace O’Mahony (Openet) explains how one slide from a Fran O’Hara webinar helped over 20 agile teams to improve their behaviours with respect to testing, while Kevin Harris (NewVoiceMedia) shares his Top Ten Agile Mistakes.
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