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Cluj-Napoca Online Meet-Up | TeamSTAR 2017

  • 29/08/2017
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As part of the TeamSTAR 2017 competition we have invited teams from all over Europe to host their own meet-ups and share in “The Magic of Testing”. You can find details of all the Meet-ups here. This is the report of the Cluj meet-up which took place on 4th September 2017. 


Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania Date: Monday 4th September   Time: 18:00





It was fun to participate to the TeamStar challenge this year! We had many crazy ideas inspired by the conference theme “The magic of testing”. One of the many was even to invite a magician to challenge testers on our “attention to details” skills :).


After an intense brainstorming, we agreed: to organize a webinar where we would invite speakers from this year’s conference to share with us their insights. Who else could better speak about the magic of testing, than the actual speakers attending the conference, who besides their extraordinary skills, have already gave a lot of thought on this while preparing their submissions for the conference? We thought that this idea is a good opportunity to give more to the testing community, and also to express our gratitude for the existence of free competitions that enable people to go to conferences.


Therefore our webinar was focused around two things. One, the chance to consult with testing professionals on our daily testing struggles. Two, promote the Eurostar conference by genuinely sharing a bit of its atmosphere. By this, we mean meeting regular speakers at the conference and their ideas, as we believe that the value of a conference has much to do with the people attending it.

Cluj TeamSTAR Meet-Up

Our event was a mini Eurostar preview. Three of this year’s conference speakers accepted our proposal to join our live broadcasting. With this occasion, we’d like to special thank Huib Schoots, Isabel Evans and Shmuel Gershon for being so great, enthusiastic and passionate, to volunteer their free time and join us in our TeamStar challenge.

Cluj TeamSTAR Meet-Up 2


This is how the event timeline (speakers and topics) looked like:


7:00 PM On air. Introduction


7:10 PM Speakers share what the Magic of Testing means for them


7:20 PM Isabel shares her talk on User Experience


7:36 PM Shmuel shares his talk on Illusions


8:02 PM Huib shares his three lightning talks on stories


8:16 PM Q&A session


The event was broadcasted live on youtube. It was important for us not to be conditioned by a room’s physical capacity, and give everyone an opportunity to join. Therefore, we were pretty serious in promoting the event, both locally and internationally. We invited people from testing groups like Tabara de Testare, Ministry of Testing, Software Testing Club, thank you Eurostar for sharing also. We didn’t stop here, and also shared on our personal twitter, facebook, linkedin, and our tester friends and speakers did the same.


We were happy to have had 60 registered people. At this point, the video has 142 views, and we hope that the viewers got inspired with ideas they can apply in their daily testing and learning. The advantage of having the event online, is that more people can still watch it even now.



Below, we’ll share some of the highlights of the event

  • Examples of building user stories and radar charts based on personas. Great tools when testing for User experience. [00:22:20]
  • Shmuel sharing his “magic” tricks [00:37:25], [00:45:35]
  • A critical thinking arsenal to fight the software illusions [00:43:43]
  • The importance of recognizing what we do [01:04:36]
  • Speakers sharing moments when they lost the magic of testing and how they got it back [01:06:22]


Cluj meet-up TeamSTAR

Among the great things that the event enabled, we faced some technical issues too. One of them was the recording sound of the facilitator that was in very low voice, and also some bits of the talks were without slides. Even though these could be seen as the beauty of a live event, our plan is to edit the video and share it with the enhanced parts.

                                                                                                    Cluj TeamSTAR Cluj TeamSTAR




Otherwise, the feedback we received was very good. The content was much appreciated, the authenticity of the speakers while answering the questions during the Q&A session, the possibility to attend the event from home.


Team STAR Cluj


We, the team, had a learning experience from both organizing and attending the event. Hope to taste even more from the Eurostar atmosphere by physically attending the conference this year. Meanwhile, don’t forget what Shmuel and Huib were sharing in their talks, “We testers don’t break the software, we break illusions about the software”.

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