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Attempted Security Breach at EuroSTAR – Programme 2015

  • 31/03/2015
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  • Posted by Ronan

It’s come to our attention that EuroSTAR has been the subject of a recent security breach and the 2015 Programme may have been compromised! The real EuroSTAR 2015 Programme will launch next week – on April 9th – please ignore any leaked information between now and then, if offered the opportunity.

Live Update 15:00 We have just received security footage of the 3 suspects in the hotel which the EuroSTAR Conference Programme Meeting was taking place in. Do you recognise them?



EuroSTAR 2015 Programme Leaked

The security breach was not a result of a hack to our website. We believe some person or persons may have attempted to gain privileged access to the EuroSTAR 2015 Programme. As you may be aware, the Programme team of Pablo Garcia, Declan O’Riordan, and Joost De Boer led by Chair Ruud Teunissen were in Galway to analyse the submissions and assemble the Programme for 2015. However we believe when this meeting was taking place, numerous attempts were made to infiltrate the meeting room.


It has now come to our attention that a Top Secret file containing the Programme for EuroSTAR 2015 may have been removed by a person or persons unknown. We have obtained images of the persons we believe responsible. These people are considered dangerous and totally harmless in equal measure.

 The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects


These individuals are of interest to us with regards to this incident – please note they may be wearing disguises. These persons have a previous history of trying to access EuroSTAR offices and have made several attempts to purloin EuroSTAR merchandise.




Recent CCTV Footage of the Individuals

Recent CCTV Footage of the Individuals


Shady Characters

TEST Huddle are claiming that they have a copy of the leaked Programme.
Please do not click on this LINK.
We believe that the individuals may also have an association with If they approach you with claims of a copy of the EuroSTAR 2015 programme, please do not accept or offer them any cash, EuroSTAR merchandise or free testing sessions. These individuals are shady characters.


The OFFICIAL Programme Launch will happen on Thursday April 9th here on the EuroSTAR Conferences website.

Anything you hear in the meantime, is completely false.


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