Where Europe’s Software Testing Community Gathers

The European software testing community have gathered at EuroSTAR to celebrate their profession since 1993. Hear what previous attendees and speakers have to say about previous EuroSTAR Conferences and why they keep coming back to Europe’s favourite testing event:


What makes EuroSTAR so special?

“The community, there is a very strong vibrant core of testers here that show up year after year, it’s a great place to meet the family.”

Michael Bolton – Developsense – Canada

“It’s got to be people, the diversity, you get to see so many different people between sessions, in the evenings and you get a fantastic opportunity to meet companies and testers from different areas that you have never met before.”

Kristoffer Nordström – Northern Test Consulting AB – Sweden

“the talks, the great content, the ideas of the speakers and I like to pick some new cherries from the field of testing.”

Rik Marselis – Sogeti – Netherlands

“You get to mingle with some very interesting people from different countries all across the different spectrums of what we do in testing and the vibe is good, the talks are good, the conferencing between the talks is really where the most energy is and that’s what keeps me coming back.”

Rob Lambert – Newvoicemedia – UK

“It’s bigger, it has more people which means more energy and more testing density.”

Rikard Edgren – Learningwell – Sweden

“Every conference has what you call the corridor track the things that are happening outside the sessions and the corridor track at EuroSTAR is really high value, they have got the test labs, the test huddle, the test mash unit. They have things to do if there is not a track you are really keen on, there is still something really valuable to do outside the tracks and that’s unlike most of the conferences I go to.”

Paco Hope, Amazon Web Services, UK

“First of all it’s a very big conference so it’s nice to see so many people and it’s very well organised.”

Jurian Van De Laar – Kulicke & Soffa – Netherlands

“It’s very community orientated, everybody is really into it, collectively together and has a lot of fun as well which is great.”

Jeffrey Payne – Coveros INC – USA

“The social events were amazing, so comfortable.”

Sujay Honnamane – Cognzizant – USA

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