Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands with a focus on international retail, wholesale food and agribusiness.

Rabobank first sent a team of software testers to EuroSTAR in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007 – since then they have sent a team to every subsequent EuroSTAR Conference with different team members participating in the conference each year.


Celebrating 10 Consecutive Years

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As they prepare for their tenth consecutive trip to EuroSTAR – and a return to Stockholm – we asked Jean-Paul Varwijk to help us paint a picture of how software testing teams can benefit from attending the EuroSTAR Conference.

In recent years the EuroSTAR Conference has adapted to meet the changing role of testing and to address new challenges faced in testing software and Jean-Paul acknowledged that the conference now appeals to more than just testers at Rabobank.

Since we are a large corporate organisation there is a mix going to EuroSTAR year by year. In general we allow a number of software testers to go but since the introduction of agile and now DevOps there are also other roles interested in going,” he noted.


Part of the Community

EuroSTAR thrives on the participation of its audience and through the years, a number of Rabobank employees have spoken at the EuroSTAR Conference including Huib Schoots in 2012, Jean Paul-Varwijk in 2012, and Rick Tracy who will speak at EuroSTAR in 2016.

EuroSTAR aims to ensure a balanced programme that appeals to different needs within a team. The standard of talks is driven by the testing community – in 2016 over 500 applications were reviewed and rated by a 40-strong panel of volunteers before the Programme Committee finalised the programme last Spring.

We select EuroSTAR as it is one of the leading conferences on software testing in Europe. This is supported by the wide range of quality speakers and talks given each year,” Jean-Paul added.

Practical Learning for the Workplace

EuroSTAR’s broad, balanced programme ensures there’s something in it for all of the team to take back and apply at work – like most teams, Rabobank takes a careful approach to handpicking sessions that will directly impact their work.

There is a learning goal at an individual, team and enterprise level. Learning is mostly focused on learning new material or improving our existing knowledge,” Jean-Paul explained before adding that the collective learnings gathered at EuroSTAR each year are then shared internally by attending delegates.

For each conference we ask our delegates to focus on tutorials, workshops and talks that link to either their day-to-day work or to their development goals. We ask them to pick at least one subject within the conference (e.g. represented by a number of talks) and to present this to the testing community as a whole during an in-house afternoon event.”

We look forward to welcoming Jean-Paul and Rabobank back to EuroSTAR 2018 in The Hague!

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