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Beat the blog application

  • 30/08/2010
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  • Posted by EuroSTAR

No images? Oh no! I love screenshots so I have to give a shot non-graphical way. Should we start to hack them here? There is several ways I’d start to test how to do it and I’ll let that be the first issue for the blog.

Copy+paste from other application – I tried it already. Image seems to be broken. That is not surprising me.

Second attempt would be to hijack the traffic and add the images to HTTP-request. I would first try with Tamper Data and if that doesn’t work, I’d hack small perl script which would send plain html to the server.

Third attempt would be with FireBug. It seems to have good possibilities to add elements to this iframe. I wonder if it would be submitted to server. At the same time I’d wonder if I could also violate the security of blog-system.

Forth would be feature request which also sounds good idea (and it’d be even legal one).

How would you add the image to your post?

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