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Beat the blog application again

  • 01/10/2010
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  • Posted by EuroSTAR

I am really curious how this system works in different kind of cases. The content management system and blog is using ASP.NET. Unfortunately that framework is so poorly done (like many other modern frameworks) that it requires JavaScript to most actions. E.g. I could not login without JavaScript enabled. Also part of links weren’t working anymore without Javascript.

But most important thing is to find out if I can write blogs without JavaScript. I used Web Developer plugin for Firefox at testing. I had JavaScript enabled when I logged in, then I came to posting page, disabled JavaScript and reloaded whole page again. It gave me the text area for blog writing. I amadding manually tags to see if the text gets formatted. If this works, I can then write plain html to text editor, add links and image tags, then post the form.

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