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How to become a better manual tester

  • 13/07/2011
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Manual testing isn’t rocket science exactly(i can say this because i fall into this category), anyone with a common sense and empathy to understand customers can start exploring the applications and start reporting bugs, but that is like kindergarden of manual testing, that’s layman level testing, but as a manual tester you need to evolve, how to become better manual tester?

Let’s discuss:

You should become expert in a vertical, that is a specific domain, understand how business takes place in that particular domain, understand who are all the customers for that domain, what is expected and not expected from the softwares, preferably establish contacts too. All these improvements will not happen overnight, you need to put in regular out of box efforts, discuss with other departments especially with product support and sales departments, this will give you advantage and you can be one step ahead.

Once you do these, you will have advantage when testing the applications for industry standards, i would say you can do a smart work rather hard work. That is expose the very essential problems before hand while testing, when there is time and resource restrictions. Also when you are testing, you can also design the regression test automation, where you provide the requirements to automation test engineers and they will design the tests accordingly, if you really care you can master both, but ideally i wouldn’t recommend that, leave the job to the expert, because i firmly believe ‘jack of all trades aren’t good’ but knowing automation tools will help to bring out the best work.

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Shanmuga Raja is a software tester from India, specializing in contact center and telecom products verticals, he regularly blogs at, with respect to software testing he enjoys doing functionality testing, module testing, exploratory testing, analyzing complex algorithms. when not testing he loves to do search engine optimization, read books, develop test solutions using ruby, ms sql server, tcl, watir.
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