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Beer testing by Teemu Vesala

  • 04/10/2010
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I – unfortunately – have rarely time for weekend testing. It sounds good, but with big family (4 kids and ages between 5 and 13) weekends are too busy. So I have own movement which is fun and educating for myself. I’ve began to call it Beer Testing. Rules are very simple. Take random open source application. Install it. Get enough beer. Open the first bottle. Start testing. Whenever you find something which can be called defect, take a swig. The defect can be usability problem, functionality issue, performance problem or even security bug. If the bug is major and really affects to users, empty rest of the current bottle at once. ( Or take a swig if you are thirsty. Or take a swig whenever you think it’s time for that.)

After couple hours of testing I don’t recommend submitting the bugs to community. It should be done next day. That is fun way to learn new ways to break the application, it is also entertaining.

Do you want to join to this kind of testing? My time zone is UTC+2, and I’m usually doing that between 9pm and midnight. I’d like to use irc at communication channel for this. I don’t like other instant messaging systems. So tell me if you want to join and let’s start to drink^H^H^H^H^Hcrush the bugs.B

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