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Beginner’s Guide to Attending a Conference

  • 10/10/2018
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Attending a conference can be an excellent way to learn new skills and support your professional development. In our previous article we mentioned the 6 reasons for attending a software testing conference in our previous article. With every conference, there’s preparation and strategy involved in getting the most out of these events. In this article we will provide some useful tips on how to get around our conference, so 




Create Your Personalized Timetable

Before attending a Conference, you should plan out all the sessions that you want to see. Our programme is available online and you can also download it on your mobile. Grab a pen and write down the times of the sessions as well as the room names. Creating a personalised timetable means that you won’t be wasting time at the event deciding what talks to go to and making a bad decision. Also you should create a checklist for the event.  


Don’t Stick With Your Friends

Yes that is right, we said it. Every conference is a perfect place for you to branch out and meet new people. You are going to this conference because this is a subject area that you work in or are interested in. And guess what? The same applies for every other attendee. They have the same problems, some of the same experiences and lots of common ground that you share with them. This is one way to meet others in this unique situation. 



Build Valuable Relationships

The EuroSTAR Conference in the Hague can hold 1,000 attendees. This is a perfect chance for you to build valuable relationships. Concentrate on meeting high quality individuals with whom you can build a bright future. From speakers, to conference organizers and companies attending EuroSTAR, there will be plenty of brilliant people! Absorb all the knowledge that you can gain from them. 




Attend the After-Parties

One of the biggest values of a conference is the after-parties. This is where you’ll get the great information. These after-parties help people relax, share their opinion and network with others. It’s also a good time to ask any questions that you have and gather some valuable feedback. 




Don’t Forget to Follow Up

At this point, the conference is over, right? Well, technically it is, but for you, it isn’t. You have to follow up with EVERY person you met at the event. If you don’t, you’ll never end up building any real relationships. Meeting someone is great, but if you don’t get to know the people you meet, you won’t gain value from the conference. If a portion of the people you email or call don’t respond to you, you can try following up again in a few weeks, but I recommend letting it go. You don’t want to come across as being bothersome.



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