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Benefits of Doing Business in the Hague

  • 05/09/2018
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The Hague, the international city of Peace and Justice in Netherlands has been attracting many people into its nest. With stunning Gothic-style buildings, endless beaches and beautiful canals to hop on a boat, the city never get boring, day or night. We can talk more about the main attractions of the Hague, the amazing views or the food served, but today this article is focused on how companies can benefit from doing business in this particular city. You can check the attractions later in our previous post here . 



Growing Population

The current population of the Hague is around 514,000. In the course of a ten-year period (from 2008-2018), the population of the municipality The Hague increased by over 50,000 inhabitants. The is much interest for the business if the population of the city is growing, of course. 




Great Railway Connections

Den Haag Centraal is the largest railway station in the city of The Hague, and with twelve tracks, the largest terminal station in the Netherlands. Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities should be able to have more than two railway stations. Almost all railway stations are located in the city centre. 




Largest Coastal City

The Hague happens to be largest coastal city on the shores of the North Sea. The sea has been the site of important European shipping lanes as well as a major fishery.  It’s also a popular destination for recreation and tourism in bordering countries and more recently has developed into a rich source of energy resources including fossil fuels, wind, and early efforts in wave power. 





2 Airports Within Reach

The city of the Hague is growing in population, number of international companies nesting in it, so it is more than comfortable to have not one but 2 airports withing reach Rotterdam-The Hague International Airport which is only 30 minutes from the city centre and Schiphol (Amsterdam) International Airport, with a distance of 55 minutes from the centre. 





Great Lifestyle Atmosphere

The Hague welcomes all, tourists, workers and business companies to explore all the benefits of the city. It has got a rich diversity of living environments and a good mix of social and cultural facilities. Here, you will feel welcomed by the locals. 



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