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The Best of EuroSTAR Webinar Series

  • 16/02/2015
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Last week the top scoring presentations of the 2014 EuroSTAR Conference in Dublin were presented as live webinars. If you missed any of the them they are available on demand now!


1. What? Why? Who? How? Of Application Security Testing

The first webinar of the week was Declan O Riordan’s ‘What? Why? Who? How? Of Application Security Testing’. This presentation was voted as the do-over session at the EuroSTAR Conference.

Declan describes the journey that led him to believe that every well-formed tester can & must have a basic understanding of what application security is, why it is important, who should be doing it & how.

Watch the recording of this webinar here!


2. Trying to teach testing skills & judgement

In the second webinar of the week, Rikard Edgren discussed his experience in ‘Trying to teach testing skills & judgement’. Rikard shares his teaching philosophy and includes examples of real-world stories and typical exercises that he lets his students perform. He explains why discussions among students are important, and how as a teacher he gives feedback to drive the learning in good directions.


Watch the recording of this webinar here!


3. Passionate Dating for Testers (and vice versa)

On Friday, just in time for Valentines Day we had a date with René Tuinhout who taught us all about ‘Passionate Dating for Testers (and vice versa)’. In this webinar René shows which testing techniques such as: Equivalence partitioning; (Black box) boundary value analysis; Decision tables; State transition testing and Process testing are subconsciously used when people date.

Watch the recording of this webinar here!



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