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Blog Spy: A weekly round-up from the software testing blogosphere

  • 04/02/2013
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Discover a new software testing blog that you must follow, in this round-up!

You Should Submit to Conferences -Alan Richardson

With the Submissions deadline just around the corner (Feb 13th) 2013 EuroSTAR Conference Committee member explains why you should submit to speak at the 2013 EuroSTAR Conference.

“This is your chance to change the face of Software Testing” Read his blog post & watch his video here.

For more information on the Submissions process click here.

Software Testing is not a commodity! – Markus Gärtner

“Stick in software testing long enough, and you will see enough ideas come and go to be able to sort out the ones that look promising to work, and the ones that you just hope will go away soon enough so that no manager will pay any of her attention to it. There have been quite a few in the history of software testing, and from my experience the worst things started to happen every time when someone tried to replace a skilled tester with some piece of automation – whether that particular automation was a tool-based approach or some sort of scripted testing approach.” Read more here.


Double testing – converging or diverging models in testing – Martin Jansson

“I have experienced that many test leads, managers and project managers are worried about something called double testing. In short, it is the idea that some tester is testing the same thing as another tester. The term double testing might be a local term, but then you know it by another name with same properties and confusion.” Read more here.


IT stories from the trenches Part 1 & Part 2 – Grig Gheorghiu

Grig shares some stories/vignettes that capture various lessons he has learned throughout his career in IT. He calls them ‘stories from the trenches’ because in general the lessons were acquired the hard way (but maybe that’s the best way to acquire lessons…). Read part 1 & part 2.


Let’s Say I Gave You A Giant Box To Explore – Rob Lambert

“Let’s say I gave you a giant box to explore.

In the box was a machine that did a number of different functions along with an instruction manual. The functions that the machine can perform are complicated but ultimately observable and open to identifying more thoroughly than we currently have done in our user guide.The machine however has lots of unknowns when it comes to putting spurious data in and connecting with a wide array of third party apps. The results of your actions are outputted to a simple user interface. It’s not pretty but it does the job.”

The above was a test that a company Rob worked for would give during a job interview. To find out more read his blogpost here.

Seven Questions – What Questions Do I Have? – Jean-Paul Varwijk

Last week Jean-Paul presented a webinar on 7 Questions to help you on the path of Testing, you can view the recording here.  Jean-Paul has also written blog posts about these 7 Questions, in this blog post the third question is featured: What Questions Do I Have? Read more about it here.


Applying Gamification in Software Testing – Jonathan Kohl

“I wrote an article for Better Software magazine this month called “Software Testing is a Game”. I wrote about using gamification as an approach to analyze and help make software testing more engaging. I encouraged readers to apply some ideas from gamification to their own testing efforts. Now, why would I do a thing like that? And what do I mean by using game mechanics when we are testing? Games are all well and good, and I may enjoy them, but we are talking about serious work here, why would we make it look like a game?” Read this blogpost here.


Teach another To Know What You Know – Michael Larsen

That above statement can be said two ways. In one way it can be said that it’s important to teach another, so that they can learn what you know. It’s legitimate, but it’s not really what I mean by the title. What I’m really saying is “teach another… so you can find out what you really know.” Read more here.

The Pursuit of Scrutiny – Keith Klain

“I love scrutiny. I love it so much that I try to constantly surround myself with people who challenge my views. Either by directly asking for critique or by putting my work up to public review, I seek honest perspectives on my work to continually improve.” Why Scrutiny is so important, read more here.


EuroSTAR Blog

Live Blogged! Best of EuroSTAR 2012 Webinar Series Part 2 – Mauri Edo

All the webinar recordings from last week’s webinars are available in our webinar archive here.

However if you don’t have time to sit through them all, why not read through Mauri’s live blog posts!

LiveBlogged! Automated Web Testing: Traps for the Unwary with Simon Stewart.

LiveBlogged! Lessons Learned in Test Management with Bob van de Burgt.

Liveblogged! Seven Questions to Help You on the Path of Testing with Jean Paul Varwijk

LiveBlogged! ‘What Agile Teams Can Learn from World of Warcraft’ with Alexandra Schladebeck


A View From the Chair – Michael Bolton

2013 Programme Chair Michael Bolton shares his experiences as the Programme Chair so far. Read all about it here.

Find software testing resources by Michael Bolton on the EuroSTAR Huddle.

Meet the latest programme committee here!

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