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  • 11/02/2013
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How I Write Conference Abstracts – Rikard Edgren.

With the submissions deadline on the 13th of February 2013 Committee member Rikard Edgren shares his tips for writing a conference proposal abstract. Read them here.


Can you get me a repro? – Alan Page

“As a tester, how many times have you heard this phrase? How many times have you walked through the steps you outlined in the bug report so someone could look at an error for you? Or – how many times have you seen a test error, and immediately re-run the test to see if you could reproduce the error yourself?” Read Alan’s blogpost here.


The Power of No – Anne Marie Charrett

“I went and visited one of my clients yesterday. Its been a while since I helped them and I wanted to catch up on where they were at.

As it turns out, this company has been going great guns, building their testing from zero to three testers. However, growth often means pain, and this particular company had some pain points. I knew there was something I could do to help.” Read more here.


Look before you Log – Eric Jacobsen

In response to his Don’t Forget To Look Before You Log post, Eric answers a question on how to prevent duplicate bug reports in large project teams that have accumulated >300 bug reports. Read his answer here.


Testing for a Product Demo – Experience Report – Pradeep Soundararajan

“In 2003, I worked for Impulsesoft, a start-up company. I was extremely proud to have been a tester for the world’s first Bluetooth Headphones. At that time, you may have called it a bleeding edge technology.
…However, there were a few known crashes of the Bluetooth Headphones I was testing. I knew those crashes, after all, I found them.” Read about his expereience here.


7 Ways to find software Defects – Teri Charles

“I’ve recently read Matthew Heusser’s great blog post “Seven Ways to Find Software Defects Before They Hit Production”. I always like a good article that gives some quick tips and teaches you something. Matthew did both of those things. As I was reading it this time I started thinking about the best way to remember and use some of his advice. And then it came to me. Mind map!”  Have a look at Teri’s MindMap here.


Context-free questions mindmap – Ajay Balamurugadas

Check out Ajay’s MindMap on Context-Free Questions here.


Is lack of trust affecting your testing? – Leah Stockley

“It’s been an insightful couple of weeks. I’ve been in the UK training our ‘on-shore’ testers and test managers in the same context driven testing principles that I teach to the Asia-based teams who work with them.

That’s given me a unique and advantageous viewpoint, so I thought I’d share it here.


A workflow of managing Chef with knife – Grig Gheorghiu.

“My colleague Jeff Roberts has been trying hard to teach me how to properly manage Chefcookbooks, roles, and nodes using the knife utility. Here is a workflow for doing this in a way that aims to be as close as possible to ‘best practices’.” Read more here.


Using Hexawise – Simon Knight

“Justin Hunter invited me to take a look at the new Hexawise Beta site on Friday. Of course I was happy to take him up on the offer! I decided to give it a trial by using some scenarios I used recently when testing an e-commerce site.” Read about Simon’s experience here.

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