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Blog Spy: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 18/02/2013
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Explaining Exploratory Testing Relies On Good Notes.. – Rob Lambert

“Good exploratory testing is searchable, auditable, insightful and can adhere to many compliance regulations. Good exploratory testing should be trusted.”

Read more here.


V-Model Reclaimed – Alan Richardson

“Let’s assume that the people who created the V-Model weren’t completely mental. Lets assume they had some secret mystical wisdom that over the ages has been corrupted and obscured by layers of rules. This video and post will not help you with any exam or ISTQB or anything that other people want you to parrot at them. I really only care about the practical application of models in testing. Not a universal definition. So run away screaming now if you want the certification stuff.”

Read more here.

Black Box vs. White Box – Henrik Emilsson

“I have heard and seen the difference between Black Box Software Testing and White Box Software Testing being described as “whether or not you have knowledge about the code”; and that Gray Box Software Testing is a mix of the two.” Read more here.



Unrest assured – Zeger van Hese

Zeger’s daughter saved up some money for a secret digital diary which made some pretty bold claims about having revolutionary voice recognition technology. Zeger and his two girls tested out these claims.

Read all about what happened here.


Establish yourself as an Expert or Thought Leader – Jesper Lindholt Ottosen

“Being a thought leader is not about being a “boss” – neither is it about being a “manager”. Leadership is not only at monthly or weekly meetings. It is leadership to talk openly and often to those you lead, and go “visit their desk” – also just for a chat. Good leaders create a room for dialog, trust, mentoring and practice.”

Read more here.


Don’t Let Scrum Make You Fragile- Jurgen Appelo


“In order to become healthy a human body should not get too comfortable performing the same routine. The real value is in continuous adaptation to unanticipated stress.
Nassim Taleb called it antifragile,”

Read more here.

The February Revolution – Gojko Adzic

I was incredibly fortunate to pull off coordinating a meeting between a group of very passionate people in the emerging space of focusing software delivery on business outcomes in London this week.

Read about it here.

Why Agile Testers Should Use Self-generated Maps to Help Organise Their Testing – Matt Archer


“To help organise our testing, we frequently divide software into parts. These individual parts can then become the focus for different activities, including test planning, designing, executing and reporting.”

Read more here.

Modelling Super Powers – James Lyndsay


“In this scenario, I’ve modelled five testers. Each has a super power.”

Read about it here.

How to Describe Test Coverage to non-Testers – Paul Holland

“Have you ever been in a situation where you had to explain why you can’t test everything or why sometimes bugs escaped your best efforts to find them.I think that I have come up with a pretty good, easy to understand metaphor that closely relates to SW testing and the difficulties testers face when trying to determine how much to test and where to test.”

Read more here.

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