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Blog Spy: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 02/04/2013
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Misconceptions about testing – Huib Schoots

Shmuel Gershon’s tweet pointed me to an article on the scrum alliance website Agile Methodology Is Not All About Exploratory Testing by Dele Oluwole. I share Sigge Birgissons concerns: “the post clearly shows what I mean when having deep concerns about the knowledge of testing in agile community”. Read more on Huib’s opinion of the misconceptions about testing here.


Explaining testing: agile testing – Tony Bruce

“Pete Walen asked this question: For software testing professionals/craftspeople, what is it that differentiates Agile Testing from any other testing?

My reply: – I have wondered the same myself. And as with most things, it seems like it is contextual. It depends on what you’re working on, who you are working with, what is available to you, who is available to you, etc.” Read more of his answer here.


Human and Machine Checking – Iain McCowatt

In a post late last night, James Bach and Michael Bolton refined their definitions of testing and checking, and introduced a new distinction between human and machine checking. What follows is an exploration of that latter distinction. These views are only partially baked, and I welcome your comments.” Read more here.


Exploring security-Part 2-Exercise your mind – Lanette Creamer

Lanette Creamer shows a simple way of exercising your mind “Update: Here are some of the ideas I have regarding the Diet Coke Rewards. I answer some questions for myself.” Read more here.



The Real Future of Software Testing – Joris Meerts

It is a common notion that we can learn about the future by looking at the past. At the very least, by looking at the paths that were travelled to get us to the here and now, we have an understanding of where we stand. Through that single point we may, for example, draw the lines from the past and project them into the future.” Read more here.


Test Automation is not Automated Testing – James Thomas

“I had more or less the same conversation with Michael Bolton and Pradeep Soundararajan recently and both started with a statement about tool use and automation” Read the conversation here.



What is testing? And why do we care? – Amy Phillips

Testing. We talk about it all the time. I read books, tweets and blog posts debating how to do testing, how to manage testing and usually how to improve my testing. I frequently hear people exclaiming that we’re not doing testing the ‘right way’ or that such and such ‘isn’t really a tester’ but what do we actually mean?” Read more here.



Blog: Versus != Opposite – Michael Bolton

“Our goal here is to improve the crafts of software testing, software engineering, and software project management. We use several tactics in our attempt to achieve that goal.” Read more here.


A View From the Chair with Michael Bolton (Volume 3)

Programme Chair Michael Bolton and his programme committee have completed their review of over 420 conference proposals and then gathered in Galway, Ireland for discussions, evaluations and selections for this years conference programme. The committee also came up with a few unusual ideas for this years conference.. take note of what day this blog post was published though! Read it here.

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