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Blog Spy: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 25/03/2013
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Why Software Testing for mobile applications is different? Top 10 reasons. – Anand Ramdeo & Komal

“We have witnessed transition from desktop to web and are witnessing another transition from web to mobile. I have been thinking about a blog series around testing mobile applications for a while and this is the first blog post in the series. In the coming few weeks, I will try to cover various topics / products / approaches related to testing mobile applications. I will focus on Android to start with and will move on to other platforms. Before I dwell deeper into the subject – it is important to understand how testing mobile applications is different from testing browser / desktop applications. If we understand the distinction and challenges of testing mobile apps, it will be a bit more easier to tackle them.” Read the first post of this series here.


Software Quality Characteristics in Dutch – Huib Schoots

“At EuroSTAR 2012 in Amsterdam, Henrik Emilsson did a talk about theSoftware Quality Characteristics poster made by The Test Eye. After his talk he asked if someone was interested in translating this poster into other languages. Me and my DEWT colleagues happily picked up this gaunlet and we proudly present the Dutch translation: Software Kwaliteit Kenmerken. I use this checklist often when preparing my testing. Now available in the Dutch language!” Read more here.


The Perimeter Test: A new test idea? – Ajay Balamurugadas

We have bug bashes in our company. In every release, the tester invites other testers to test his/her feature. Fresh eyes, different experience usually helps in bringing new test ideas and bugs to the forefront. I usually participate in such bug bashes as it exposes me to different features and test ideas. It is a good opportunity to practice testing and a good break from regular testing too. In one such testing session, I found a bug where the button was tapped even though I did not tap the button. On further investigation, I realized that the focus of the button was much more than the button area. Read about the bug here.


Automated vs. exploratory – we got it wrong! – Markus Gärtner

There is a misconception floating around that Agile Testing is mostly about automated checking. On the other way the whole testing community fights since decades about the value of test automation vs. the value of exploratory testing. I find these two different extreme position unhelpful to do any constructive testing. Most recently I ended up with a model that explains the underlying dynamics quite well, to testers, to programmers, and to their managers. Click here to see the model.


Creative and Critical Thinking and Testing Part 4 & Part 5 – John Stevenson

The previous articles in this series have looked at what is critical and creative thinking, defining the stages of testing and looking at the thinking required for doumentaiton review.

Part 4 of this series looks in depth at the test planning stage and the stryle of thinking that may be best for this stage as described in the diagram from the first article of this series. Part 5 of the series looks in depth at the test execution stage and the style of thinking that may be best for this stage as described in the diagram from the first article of this series.


Testing and Checking Redefined – James Bach & Michael Bolton

“Testing and tool use are two things that have characterized humanity from its beginnings. (Not the only two things, of course, but certainly two of the several characterizing things.) But while testing is cerebral and largely intangible, tool use is out in the open. Tools encroach into every process they touch and tools change those processes. Hence, for at least a hundred or a thousand centuries the more philosophical among our kind have wondered “Did I do that or did the tool do that? Am I a warrior or a just spear throwing platform? Am I a farmer or a plow pusher?” As Marshall McLuhan said “We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”” Read more here.


Book Review : Team Geek – Rob Lambert

Rob reviews the book Team Geek written by Brian W. Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman, both well respected and established members of the development community who bring to this book a really good set of insights around people and how they work together. Read the review here.


Howto… Keep Value Traceability in Lean Design – Nicolas Gouy

In Software, we are very proud of traceability. If there is a bug, we know which test scenario it corresponds, we know which requirement, the history of the document, the person that made some changes… One traceability we consider less is “Value Traceability”. What is the outcome of a feature, piece of code or document? First thing to do is to ensure the whole team has a shared Vision. Why are we doing this product? Read more here.


Spring cleaning your testware – Joel Montvelisky

Joel discusses how spring cleaning is not just for you house, you should do it to your testware too! Read about it here.

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