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Blog Spy: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 08/05/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs

Exploring Testing and Programming – Alan Page

“For the last day or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about programming and testing, about collaboration and walls, and about where this may all be going. This post is the start of my mental exploration of the subject.” Read more here.


What testers can learn from playing chess – Albert Gareev

Albert discusses the connections between chess and testing and what testers can learn from playing chess. Read about it here.


How A 17-Year-Old Girl Won a Hackathon – And What It Means for Women in Tech

“Let’s focus on how one teenage girl, Jennie Lamere, defeated a room full of smart, motivated, experienced, full-grown men. This would seem to be instructive to the greater argument about women in technology, and besides, it has the added bonus of being based in fact rather than opinion.” Read more here.

Advantages of using Test Management tools – Gareth Waterhouse

Gareth discusses bespoke test Management tools. Read more here.


Bring Me The Stats; Stat! – David Greenlees

So I was recently informed of a manager who LOVES stats (shocking, I know). I emphasise the LOVES, as I was told that there was a huge amount of passion that went along with this information. In fact, the LOVE was so great it even spread to spreadsheets… so even the home of said stats was included in the LOVE. Now that’s passion. I’m not going to question the passion… that is important. I am however going to question stats. Read more here.


What about Priority and Severity? – Dan Ashby

“I wanted to write about the consistently hot topic of “severity vs Priority” – which I’ve noticed that many people seem to get confused about, and that there is so much conflicting information about out there on the web.” Read more here.


Does “best practice” protect clients? – James Christie

“This article follows on from yesterday’s, “Best practice, or just okay practice?“.
One of the most superficially impressive justifications for “best practice” is that it protects the interests of clients and users.” Read more here.


Three Weeks and Counting …. – Peter Morgan

Three weeks to go, and the journey into PROD continues. There are some significant on-going challenges, late user decisions that have a large impact on time lines, and a UAT environment that runs like a dog. Are we winning? I am not even sure that we are coming second, but we ARE still in the race to implement into PROD in mid-May! The story continues ….Read more here.

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