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Blog Spy Vol 16: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 21/05/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs


Improve Communication between Developers and QA – Gareth Waterhouse

Gareth discusses ways of improving the communication between developers and QA from the developer’s perspective. Read more here.


Software Development: Experience vs. Performance – Gerald Weinberg

When I was young, I was frustrated by lack of “experience” at every turn. No matter how hard I worked, I could gain no more than one year’s experience each year. At 19, a year is a lot longer than at year 79. “Experience” is also proving frustrating to many programming managers, whatever their ages. “What is the value,” I’m often asked, “of one year of programming experience?” Read more here.


A Skilled Software Tester – @qualitycaptain

“A few months ago an acquaintance of mine asked me what I did for a living, and so I replied “I’m a Software Tester … A Skilled Software Tester”. There was a noticeable pause between the 2 parts of my answer – mostly because I feel that there’s sometimes a false belief amongst people that don’t know any better that being a Software Tester doesn’t require an individual to be very skilled (this is something I believe that’s changing as the community of skilled software testers continues to grow, learn, promote & learn skills, challenge old ways to doing things, and focus on testing that has value).” Read more here.


Tear Down the Wall – Alan Page

“It’s interesting when I go back and look at the number of posts where I talk about what I do, what testing is to me, and how testing is changing. Ever since the Telerik Test Summit (telsum), I’ve been thinking even more about testing and how it fits into software development. When I wrote this post, and added on a bit to it here, I was pondering the same thing. When I (last) blogged about the future of testing, I (likely subconsciously) was thinking about the same thing.” Read more here.


Introducing Lucid – Jeff Nyman

“I have been working on a tool called Lucid which is, in many ways, almost a direct port of the popular tool Cucumber. I do believe tools with humanizing and fluent interfaces are key to the future of testing.” In this blog post Jeff explains a little of the basis behind Lucid. Read more here.


Don’t Find Bugs, Prevent Bugs – Eric Jacobsen

It’s a cliché, I know. But it really gave me pause when I heard Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan say it during his excellent STAReast track session, “Android Mobile Testing: Right Before Your Eyes”. He said something like, “instead of looking for bugs, why not focus on preventing them?” Read more here.


How to disagree elegantly and learn something in the process … – Shrini Kulkarni

Shrini discusses his opinions on a article he recently read by Daniel Dennet on tools for thinking. Read more here.


Do you need an automated acceptance testing framework? – Alister Scott

Yes, you need an automated acceptance testing framework or No, you don’t need an automated acceptance testing framework. Read Alister’s argument for both here.


Devs in the ‘Ditch Slides Posted – Johanna Rothman

Johanna posts her slides on Overcoming Three Pitfalls of Transitioning to Agile. View the slides here.


Why Big Bosses Say They’re Tired of Agile (or, The Scrum Speech After One Year) – Sunil Upadhye

“In my journey from a small town and poor farmer family of India to the “Big B’s (Bosses)” of the world’s largest corporations, I’ve seen some strange behaviors.
Whenever I set up an Agile transformation workshop or an Agile center of excellence in any organization, eventually I have to listen to a special speech from directors, VPs, or CEOs. Initially people are excited about Agile, but after about a year or more, I hear pretty nasty comments from Big B’s about Agile and Scrum.” Read more here.

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