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Blog Spy Vol 17: Weekly Round-up From Software Testing Blogs

  • 28/05/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs.

Testers & Developers: Worlds Apart or Kindred Spirits? – Colin Cherry

“Is it possible to be a Developer and a Tester at the same time? Having spent over 20 years on either side of the fence, my own experiences tell me that it isn’t easy.” Read about Colin’s experiences here.


I’m done with scrum – Klaas Ardinois

“It took some time, but I’m done with scrum. In fact I’m done with pretending in general, but that’s a different matter. As Joost said: “it takes a lot of time to see you need less to become more.” I’ve long loved scrum though, ever the pragmatist, I didn’t necessarily feel “by the book” was always the right answer. Looking back, that is probably what has driven me to the point I’m at today.” Read more here.


Information Overload and Bad Decisions – John Stevenson

John has written an article based on a recent talk he gave on why too much information can be a bad thing. Read it here.


Finding your motivation – Amy Phillips

“Once, long ago, I was a pretty average tester. I was lucky that I knew I loved testing; University had given me the time to read a number of books on testing and each one fascinated me. Unfortunately the reality of being a tester turned out to be a little different from my dreams.”  Read how Amy overcame this challenge here.


Structured v Unstructured Testing – David Greenlees

“This is a response we wrote to the latest Tester Magazines Newsletter article; what’s All the Fuss About? Structured vs Unstructured Testing. This was email directly to the author Geoff Horne but after his reply suggested this be used in the next edition of his magazine we felt it would be best published on our own Hello Test World blog”. Read it here.


Pricing, And A Little Bit About Estimation. – Kurt Häusler

“So I keep getting involved in discussions on twitter related to the different ways of basing prices for software projects, and it is hard to get some of the subtle details across in 140 character snippets so I thought it might be a good idea to put some ideas together in the longer form of a blog post. The whole thing is somewhat related to the #NoEstimates debate.” Read it here.


Look for Minimum Viable Testing – Jesper Ottosen

How much critical mass will the product/project/service need to allow for (software) testing?
Recently I participated in a local “coffee shop meet-up” along with photographers, coaches, entrepreneurs and start-ups. We could agree that coaches as well as testers give indirect value to the business – but while staff coaching could be individually sold to carpenters and hairdressers – (software) testing could not. Afterwards I challenged my self to think otherwise! Read about it here.


Modeling Programmer Productivity – Gerald Weinberg

“Continuing where I left off in my previous blog, you may recall that we were discussing the value or otherwise of programming experience in terms of productivity. I had suggested there was an important truth to be learned from the study of productivity models.” Read about it here.


Should You Still Report Bugs If Nobody Listens? – Eric Jacobsen

“The most prolific bug finder on my team is struggling with this question. The less the team decides to fix her bugs, the less interested she grows in reporting them. Can you relate?” Read more here.


Part 5: …. Zero …… Lift Off (!) ….. Almost – Peter Morgan

Implementation day arrived, and the series of five articles (of which this is the fifth) is being extended to seven episodes, to include the aftermath. The software was implemented and has not proved to be an unqualified success. The project team genuinely were ready. But like a butterfly looking at the empty chrysalis it has just emerged from, there can be no going back. It has to be ‘fix forward’. Read about the implemenatation here.

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