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Blog Spy Vol 18: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 04/06/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs.


Test management forLean extremists – Sami Söderblom

“I get grey hairs with Lean enthusiasts, or better yet extremists. I’m concerned about their obsession to see “waste” everywhere and remove it, “waste” being any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer. Quite often these people target testing activities too. By over-simplifying these activities Lean extremists justify the elimination of them.” Read more here

Coaching testers on Bug Reports, Advocacy & Credibility – Pradeep Soundararajan

Pradeep discusses some of the funny/awful bug reports that he has seen in his experience & their impact. Read more here

Survivorship, Best Practices and The Power of Wish Thinking – Keith Klain

“I recently had the distinct privilege of watching an expert tester at work. I wouldn’t call this person a “test manager” or “test lead”, even though what they were doing would probably be categorized as an activity associated with both of those roles. No, I would give them the honor of calling them an expert tester – someone using all of their knowledge and skills developed through years of practicing their craft. And they weren’t even testing software; they were testing ideas. Testing assumptions. Testing people. Testing themselves. It was a thing of beauty. In my almost 20 years of working in this field, I’ve met only a handful of people who could have been dropped into this scenario and come out the other side alive.” Read more here


Finding the Next Generation of Testers – Erik Davis

“I’ve been thinking for some time (where some time = on and off for the past few years) that trying to find new testers is far more difficult than it should be. I’ve been in a number of discussion threads in the past few months to make me feel comfortable saying I am not alone in this thought.” Read more here


Testing Goals and Challenges – Stephen Blower

“This is a continuation of another blog posting about testing goals, that post is about my testing experience over the last seventeen years in the industry and coincidentally a recent post here regarding spending 10,000 hours to become an expert quote.” Read more about what Stephen is doing to achieve his testing & career goals here


Pro-rating Testing Challenge – Markus Gärtner

“I am currently reviewing a book on domain testing. While doing that I realized I can put up a testing challenge based on what I annoyed my colleagues with a few years back. I disabled comments on this post in order not to spoilt future visitors of my blog. You will have to find another way to respond to this.” Read more here


A Bugzilla exploratory testing session from the vaults – Alan Richardson

“Back in 2011, I decided to try recording an exploratory testing session. I uploaded the results privately to Youtube and essentially forgot about it. It was the first time I tried to think out loud, and record, and conduct exploratory testing, and make notes, all at the same time.” Find out about Alan’s exploratory testing session here


Understanding lean manufacturing ‘value’ – Nilanjan Bhattacharya

“Every other day, in the context of software testing, there is a discussion about ‘value’. “Do testers provide value”, “Testers should provide value” and the related, “Can we eliminate testing?” or “Testing is dead”. In many cases, the word “value” is used colloquially (gold is valuable; dirt isn’t) and even casually (value is value), without much thought to what it really means. In the context of lean (manufacturing), value has a very specific definition/meaning. I think it is essential to understand the meaning of ‘value’ in lean, before using the word in other [technical] contexts. In this post I will not refer to software development. For this discussion you can think of creating a product like a bolt in a factory or parts of a car. I will also refer to the process of visiting a doctor.” Read more here


How to sell software testing? – Jeroen Mengerink

“In the last two months I was testing software for Enrise via Polteq as a part of their development team The Impediments. Testing for them has been nice and instructive. The people at Enrise did not stop asking questions. Most of the questions I answered immediately, but some took a while to find the right answer. The question that lingered the most was: “How do we sell software testing to our customers?” I have to say that I’m very glad that Enrise asks this question! It shows me that Enrise sees the value and the importance of testing. The high quality software that Enrise delivers, can only be delivered when there is time set aside for software testing.
So how do you sell software testing?” Read about it here

User Acceptance Test Essentials: Early Customer Review – Lütfiye Meliye & Aslı Karatay

The aim of this paper is to share the benefits of using Early Customer Review in UAT (User Acceptance Test – Qualification Testing) and to explain the outcomes of proposals made for problems experienced in User Acceptance Testing. Read more here

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