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Blog Spy Vol 23: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 09/07/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs.

Usability Testing or Functional Testing? – Srinivas Kadiyala

“Whenever an application comes to testers, do you know what Project Managers first say to Test team? The answer would be, Test the Functionality first and release the build tonight as it’s very important. Yes, Functionality is very important for an application to work. But there is another important to be tested, before it has to be released, which is side-lined due to time frames.” Read more here.


Seven Kinds of Testers – James Bach

“Most of my work is teaching, coaching, and evaluating testers. But as a humanist, I want to apply the Diversity Heuristic: our differences can make us a stronger team. That means I can’t pick one comfortable kind tester and grade people against that template. On the other hand, I do see interesting patterns of skill and temperament among testers, and it seems reasonable to talk about those patterns in a broad sense. Even though snowflakes are unique, it’s also true that snowflakes are all alike. Read more here.


Testers: Stop moaning and prove your worth – Stephen Blower

“Throughout my 17 years in testing the common theme has always been that testers are not seen in the same light as the rest of development. I’ve worked in areas that have had clearly defined and rigid processes with mature testing teams to organisations that had little to nothing, and testing was only done because someone thought it would be a good idea.
So let’s go through these opinions that I heard often about what testing is and try and discover why I these views have been particularly prevalent, alongside tactics I’ve used to combat these opinions.” Read more here.


Conference at a Glance, part I – My glance on the Monday tutorials – Pekka Marjamäki

“The EuroSTAR 2013 is knocking on my door. It’s about time get some scribbles to my blog about it. Quick word about what I’m doing here: I’m trying to get my thought on paper both to ease my burden of choosing the talks which to attend and also to write out my thoughts before the conference (as after the conference I might have a bit of a “information hangover” and I’m not that keen to write on stuff I didn’t attend)..” Pekka discusses the tutorials: James Lyndsay’s “Insights Into Exploratory Testing”, James Bach’s “Rapid Test Management”, Paul Gerrand’s “How to Create a Test Strategy”, Torbjörn Ryber’s “Boosting Your Test Design Powers” and Matt Barcomb and Jim Holmes’ “Becoming A Testing Craftsman”. Read his blog here.


Get Splunked.- Albert Witteveen

“Part of my job is to partake in impromptu task forces for complex issues on production. A common denominator for these task forces is that the usual analysis have already been done and we haven’t found a solution so far.
Naturally we follow a process where we try to exclude possible causes, look for correlation, check if anything outside of or direct view has changed etc. But most of all the solution often depends on one of the engineers having a ‘hey what’s happening there?’ moment.” Read more here.


Testing Mobile Applications – Ruma Dak

“Mobile application testing basically includes the normal testing types used for any other application and few things which are specific to the mobile environment. Additionally, the type of application would demand specific testing treatment. For e.g. a gaming application would be tested differently than a banking application. Still, following testing types apply more or less to most of the applications” Read more here.


Are you ready for the new BYOD? – Gil Press

“If you thought you’ve conquered BYOD, think again. The new BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Data. By 2019, 90 percent of organizations will have personal data on IT systems that they don’t own or control, Gartner recently predicted. In warning about the consequences of ignoring personal data, Gartner made the distinction between data that relates to people and data that does not.” Read more here.


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Changing Metamorphosis – Journey into the Next Form for Testing! – Kumar Raman

Testing is increasingly beginning to feel the push from two very interesting but intrinsically-related factors, which is driving the Testing World into a difficult situation. Time is now to either change the complete paradigm slowly but surely or degenerate into a phase where testing is seen as a volume-only game driven primarily by rate and the resources are branded semi- or unskilled with hardly a career line. Testing today is increasingly taking the slot for the best place/phase to manage an IT budget cut and also something you can get done with “any” set of people – which hardly need any experience or expertise. Whatever small part of the story we call niche testing mostly involves only technology! Let’s look at the two factors key to this scenario in a little more detail to understand this better. Read more here.

The True Cost of Free, Open Source Software Testing Platforms – Arik Aharoni

In many industries, the technical support department is the de facto face of the company. Customers end up spending more time with call center representatives than anyone else. Arik discusses the true cost of free, Open Source Software Testing Platforms. Read more here.

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