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Blog Spy Vol 26: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 08/08/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs.


Choosing to be a Tester – Amy Philips

“Stephen Blower recently published this excellent post about proving your worth as a tester; If you haven’t read it then you should. As well as being struck by the excellent points he was making I was surprised to find that I am more unique that I realised – I actually did choose to go in to Software testing.” Find out more about how Amy got involved in Software Testing here.

Don’t miss Amy’s track session Improve The Process By Taking Control at this year’s EuroSTAR Conference!

T-shaped Tester, Square Shaped Team – Adam Knight / Rob Lambert

This is a guest post by Adam Knight on Rob Lambert’s blog.
“I was pleased when Rob asked me to write this guest post on the subject of T-shaped testers. It is a subject which I have a strong affiliation with, and which is integral to my approach to management. I’d discussed the subject with Rob previously, having encountered the term ‘T-shaped’ from reading Jurgen Appello’s post on the subject.
Whilst the concept is an interesting one on an individual level, and Rob covers this really well in his previous post, what I really like about the idea of the T-shaped Tester is its implication for teams.” Read more here.


Product Definition for Software Quality – John Ruberto

“In the Define stage of Customer-Driven Quality, your team identifies what should be built, which seems to be a natural fit for customer-driven practices. The marketing, product management, or product owners usually lead this phase; each of these roles are dedicated to understand customer wants and needs. So, where does the test/quality team play a role?” Read more here.


Black Box Machines: Puzzles 7 and 8

Just like busses, you wait for ages, then two turn up at once. Here are Puzzles 7 and 8. The similarities with Puzzle 6 / 6a are entirely intentional.

You’ll note that there is a new “Camera” icon. This isn’t an intentional part of the puzzle (though I expect there’s an unexpected interaction with something in Puzzle 8). I’ve added a facility that I’ll be using at my upcoming EuroSTAR tutorial: it lets you have a different perspective on what you’ve been doing.” Check out the puzzles here.

Don’t miss James’ tutorial Insights Into Exploratory Testing at this year’s EuroSTAR Conference!


Book Review: The “A” Word – Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen gives a review of Alan Page’s new book – The “A” Word: Under the Covers of Test Automation. Check out the review here.


My Final Word on Software Tester Certification – Colin Cherry

“I still believe in the advancement of our craft. I still believe in the value that the majority of us bring to the IT industry. I still believe in the clear separation of duties between those who define, design, build and launch software. I just don’t believe that we have the right people determining HOW we should go about developing future generations of software testers.” Read more here.


The ‘Gartner bias’ in software testing – Joris Meerts

“Yesterday, I stumbled upon the call for papers for the Dutch Testing Day 2013. The programme committee has decided that the theme of this year’s conference should be the future of testing. As the future is always a source of copious speculation and therefore discussion, it probably serves well as a conference theme. It may also prove to be interesting.” Read more here.


EuroSTAR Blog Round-Up


Invisible disorder when everyone calls it Agile – Paweł Sokołowski

“Every new technology or methodology which is well distributed always goes through same phases. At the beginning it is specified, after that it gets maximum attention and is used by almost everyone who heard about how good it is, and after that the level of popularity is being decreased to the level which actually have sense.” Read more about the invisible disorder when everyone calls it agile here.” Read more here.


Comparison of Cross Browser UI Testing Tools – Rutva Mankodi

“There are various types of testing tools available in market that are capable of performing testing activity in cross browser. Here is the article imparting comparison between different types of testing tools that are used frequently by the testers. Increase your understanding over testing tools and select best among it to enhance your in-house testing activity.” Read more here.


Taking small steps in a big organization – John Stevenson

“There are many stories of failed attempts to implement new approaches and processes in organisations especially when the organisations are big and spread over many sites. This is an experience report of implementing the exploratory testing approach into a large organisation. It is based upon actual experience of working with small teams and allows these teams to promote the approach by feeding on their passion for the subject. It discusses the problems, the successes and what is planned to happen next. The aim is to provide a way in which you as an individual within your organisation can change the way things are done by taking small steps.” Read more here.


10 Reasons Why We Love SaaS Software Testing – Gil Bloom

“As recently as 5 years ago, software-as-a-service (SaaS) testing was a terrifying concept for many IT professionals. After all, handing over your data to the cloud exposes you to any number of potential security threats.” Read more here.


A view from the Chair with Michael Bolton (Volume 7)- Michael Bolton

Read the latest blog post from Programme Chair 2013, Michael Bolton, here.

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