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Blog Spy Vol 27: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 15/08/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs.


 Testers: Lean Startup ideas are coming your way! – Emily Bache

‘A while back, Gojko Adzic published this article “Redefining Software Quality” and I think it’s pretty insightful, pointing out that we often expend a lot of effort ensuring quality at lower levels of the pyramid, when we should perhaps be investing higher up. I wanted to work out what testing activities you’d do to ensure quality at different levels of Gojko’s Quality Hierarchy, so I began by thinking about the software testing quadrants.’ Read more here.


Heuristics – User Experience Testing – Dheeraj Karanam

Through this post I am making an attempt to throw some light on one of the essential ‘Quality criteria’ to be considered while testing any application – ‘User Experience’. I have tried my best to narrate what is User Experience and came up with a list of few heuristics that you can use while testing for User Experience. Read more here.

A Bad Mobile Experience is Bad Customer Service – Jonathan Kohl

‘As a travelling consultant, I get insight into a lot of organizations. One theme that I see over and over is a lack of understanding about mobile experiences among decision makers and technical teams. When it comes to interpersonal or written communication, companies have sensible rules and practices about making that exchange great.’ Read more here.


20 Reasons Why I Became (& Still am) a Software Tester – Colin Cherry

Colin gives 20 reasons for why he becames, and still is a software tester. Check them out here.


Why You Should Care About Distributed Load Testing – Peter Varhol

‘Load testing used to be the practice of large testing organizations with dedicated performance engineers, for mission-essential applications expecting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of users. But as web applications become more ubiquitous and more important to the organization’s business, more and more testing teams are finding value in understanding the characteristics of their application under load.’ Read more here.


The risk of relying solely on automated checking in release decisions – Katrina Edgar

‘Katrina Edgar discusses the risks in a project that chooses to use Continuous Delivery where there is an emphasis on automated checking to determine whether a build is eligible for release.’ Read more here.


Stop Doing Too Much Automation – John Stevenson

‘When researching my article on testing careers for the Testing Planet a thought stuck me about the amount of people who indicated that ‘Test’ Automation was one of the main learning goals of many of the respondents. This made me think a little about how our craft appears to be going down a path that automation is the magic bullet that can be used to resolve all the issue we have in testing.’ Read more here.

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