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Blog Spy Vol 35: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 08/10/2013
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A round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry in the past week. If you would like to have your blog featured in our regular round-up, please email details and a link to the post to [email protected] or tweet us @esconfs.


Testautomation, it couldn’t be more fun! – Roy de Kleijn

As a technical test consultant I visit many companies to support them with testautomation. Every time I notice that there are still a lot of things to improve in this area. I mean testautomation on all levels, from planning to the specification and the execution of tests. It seems that companies think that the step towards the implementation of a structured testautomation framework is too high, because the return on investment is not immediately visible. Read more here.


Functional Specification Blinders – Paul Holland

“During my last few years as a test manager at Alcatel-Lucent, I decided to try a slightly different approach to the development of test ideas.

Before this experiment my testers would be given a feature to test and they would start by reading the functional specification (user stories if you are in an agile environment). They would develop a list of potential test ideas based on the specification document and THEN add any other ideas they could think of.” Read more here.


Kahneman and Test Strategy Bias – Rikard Edgren

“Our minds are fantastic, but can be biased and make dubious decisions. As I read Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, I thought about test strategy and found some interesting stuff, based on mistakes I have seen, and done.” Read more here.


Problem patterns – Carsten Feilberg

“I had a puzzling problem. I had noted for some time that one particular automated scenario often failed and yesterday it was time to dig deeper into that. The scenario was very simple: it searched for and displayed a persons name and address, then it checked that the persons name matched the search criteria. Not a revolutionary or even finished scenario, which is why it had been ignored earlier on. We are still building this thing up.” Read more here.


Testing Like an Airline Pilot with James Bach at STARWest – Aaron Hockley

“Yesterday James Bach presented one of the day-long tutorials preceding the STARWest conference. I tweeted a bunch during his talk, but I also wanted to revisit my notes and identify some key points and thoughts. And because I’m all generous and shit, I’m sharing that here

Critical Thinking for Software Testers

The talk was about critical thinking as a tester. The natural opening to the talk was identifying what is meant by testing and being a tester.” Read more here.


James Bach is also presenting a full day tutorial at this year’s EuroSTAR Conference on Rapid Test Management and a half day tutorial with Professor Harry Collins on  Using Sociology To Examine Testing Expertise.


#NoProjects – why projects don’t make sense – Allan Kelly

“In the last few months Steve Smith, myself and others have been Tweeting a lot with the hash tag#NoProjects. We have independently come to believe Projects are a smell, they are bad for our industry (the technology industry). Steve set out his thinking and now it is my turn.” Read more here.


Use tools to help you gather information – Nicolai L. Nielsen

“Problem: Writing and documenting bugs can be time-consuming.

A lot of the test execution we do these days is exploratory. This means that we have little information from scripted test cases that can be copy pasted to bug reports and scenario descriptions. In order to transfer bugs and other information to development, there is a considerable workload of writing everything in steps and do-this-do-that descriptions. This offers two problems: It is boring to describe everything in detail and details are easily forgotten in the process.” For the answer read more here.


Speak Easy – Katrina Edgar

A junior tester at work asked if I would mentor her. It’s pretty exciting to be on the experienced side of a mentoring relationship and, simultaneously, terrifying that someone trusts your opinion. It was a little bizarre the first time she took notes as I was speaking…” Read about some of the advice Katrina gave to this junior tester here.


Automated testing of emails – Anand Ramdeo

“Testing emails is a challenging task and automated testing of emails is even more challenging. A while back I wrote about one of the way to automate email testing using GMail and IMAP. This solution works, but has a huge dependency on the network and Gmail. If there is any problem in the network or if GMail is down because of any reason – test would fail.” Read more here.


Making code cleaner can result in a angry phone call – Pierre Rasmussen

“You have just released a update of your product. It includes more or less nothing, just a minor bug fix and cleaner code. Tomorrow it will reached 10 million smartphone users. The next day your phone is calling, one hour before it normally wakes you up. Its your boss!” Read more here.

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