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Blog Spy Vol 39: A Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere about the 2013 EuroSTAR Conference

  • 19/11/2013
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This week’s Blog Spy Round up is a little different to the usual Blog Spy round-ups. this week we have featured any blog posts that we have come across which are about the 2013 EuroSTAR Conference to give you a taster of what happened at this year’s conference and an insight into some of the sessions. Enjoy!

Well That Was EuroSTAR 2013 – Stephen Janaway

“I’ve just returned from my first EuroSTAR conference. What a great experience. It was a very busy three days of learning, listening, talking and interacting with many different people from the testing community.” Stephen shares some of his experiences from the EuroSTAR Conference and mindmaps from each of the sessions he attended, check them out here.


Thinking the impossible? Or wishing for the impossible? – James Christie

“At EuroSTAR 2013 in Gothenburg there was a striking contrast between messages coming out of tutorials that were taking place at the same time.
Ian Rowland was talking about how we can do amazing things by “thinking the impossible”. Meanwhile, along the corridor I was giving out a much more mundane and downbeat message in my tutorial about how testers can work constructively with auditors.” Read more here.


EuroSTAR 2013 Thanks – Rob Lambert

“This years EuroSTAR was a really great event. I saw a great deal of fun and excitement about the industry. I also saw a great deal of standardised thinking, some very shady conclusions from potentially unsound data and a whole lot of reasons to think we’ve still got a long way to go to see deep changes to the way we build and test software. But that’s the sign of a good conference – diverse opinions and much food for thought.” Read more here.

Will the Test Leaders Stand Up? – Paul Gerrard

This talk was given at Eurostar 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
“Significant forces in the IT industry that mean testing in most organisations is under extreme pressure. Bosses wonder why they need people ‘over here’ to make sure people ‘over there’ do their job properly. Users, analysts, developers and testers may have to redistribute responsibility for testing and checking and by collaborating more effectively. Read more here.


Observations from EuroSTAR 2013 – Carsten Feilberg

“Only just returned and with the first cup of coffee – mostly still in the cup – my head is buzzing with impressions, images of people I met, presentations, quotes and all. This post will try to capture as much of this as possible.” Read more here.


EuroSTAR 2013 – People – Kristoffer Nordström

“So after another fantastic trip to EuroSTAR I started writing this post on the train home, having gotten way too little sleep but having met yet again some wonderful and fantastic people, and I felt I had the need to write about it instead of sleeping.” Read more here.


Doodling Exercise – Pekka Marjamaki

Pekka talks about how he used Doodling at the EuroSTAR Conference to help keep his focus during the sessions. Read more here.


Report from EuroSTAR 2013 – Johan Jonasson

Johan gives his personal opinions and a brief report about the EuroSTAR Conference, the people, tutorials and keynote sessions. Read more here.


Becoming a testing craftsman – Trish Khoo

“I recently came back from teaching a day-long workshop at the Eurostar Conference in Gothenburg. My wonderful co-host Jim Holmes and I wanted to talk about becoming a testing craftsman. Jim was inspired by the software craftsmanship movement to create this workshop. I think the concept from this community that has resonated most with both of us is the focus on continuous learning and improvement. So while we introduced many tools in this workshop, we wanted the main focus to be on the joy of learning and discovery.” Read more about their session here.


EuroSTAR Bloggers

Bram Bronneberg wrote about his highlights from each day at the conference; the tutorials, keynote talks, track sesisons and networking events he attended.

Monday at EuroSTAR 2013 with Bram Bronneberg
Tuesday at EuroSTAR 2013 With Bram Bronneberg
Wednesday at EuroSTAR 2013 With Bram Bronneberg
Thursday at EuroSTAR 2013 With Bram Bronneberg

Mauri Edo also liveblogged about the keynote talks that he attended:

Lauren Bossavit’s “Keynote: Skeptical Self-Defense For The Serious Tester Or, How To Call A $37 Billion Bluff”
Rob Evan’s “Keynote: Testing Machines as Social Prostheses” (on behalf of Harry Collins)
Keith Klain’s Keynote: “Creating Dissonance: Overcoming Organizational Bias Toward Software Testing”
Fiona Charles’ keynote: “Get In There And Argue! – A Questioning Tester’s Personal Journey”
Martin Pol’s keynote: “Questioning The Evolution Of Testing: What’s Next?”

Mauri also interviewed a few speakers and delegates at the conference to find out what their key takeaways from the conference were:

EuroStars – Interviews at EuroSTAR with Mauri Edo

If you have written a blog post about your experiences at the EuroSTAR Conference please leave a link in the comments below.

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