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Blog Spy Vol 43: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 15/01/2014
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Welcome to the first Blog Spy round up of 2014. Here are some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye during the past week:

Creating a Test Lab – Rob Lambert

“This week sees the development team moving in to new offices. In these new offices is our newly created test lab. A room for testers to hang out and also a place for us to keep our supported devices. There’s loads of work to do to get the test lab functioning and adding value for us.”

Read more here.

Do You Value Management? – Johanna Rothman

“I’ve met many managers who were in the wrong position. Sometimes, it was the Peter Principle. Sometimes, it’s managers who have been founders or who have been technically great and got promoted into management positions. Because they are so intelligent, and because they do not read about management, they don’t know or don’t care about management. That leads them to do wacko things.”

Read more here.

Pandora’s Box Testing – Pete Walen

“Anyone who has been around software testing for more than a wee, tiny bit is likely to have heard such terms such “Black Box,”, “White Box” (or Glass Box) or “Grey Box” testing. There is one Box of testing that includes all of these approaches. It is, I believe, the most prevalent form of testing in use, world wide. It is also the type of testing that is talked about the least.”

Read more here.

Softtware Tester – From New To Good To Great – Markus Gärtner

“Software testing has come a long way. We have more than thirty years of experience with software testing. The world turned around in that time period. Depending on who you listen to, there are various opinions on what to learn about testing. Thinking about testing and learning, I am aware that there are different learning methodologies, and preferences. Nonetheless, I think the topic of testing can be split up on three general skill-levels that have brought me value: beginners, practitioners, and journeymen. Let’s see what’s in for you on each of these.”

Read more here.

Test Readiness Review Checklist – Nicolai L. Nielsen

A while back I wrote about using test readiness reviews as part of test governance toolbox. I came across my test readiness review checklist, and thought I would share it: Check out Nicolai’s test readiness review checklist here.

Divide responsibility for defining stories – Gojko Adzic

“One of the most common mistakes with user stories is to expect business stakeholders to fully define the scope. By doing that, delivery teams are effectively avoiding the responsibility (and the blame) for the ultimate business success of a solution.”

Read more here.

Not-So-Great Expectations – Michael Bolton

“In my teaching and consulting work, I often ask people how they recognize a problem, and they often offer “inconsistency with expectations” as one way to do it. I agree, but I also think we should be careful to think things through. A product that fulfills our expectations may not be satisfying, and a product that violates our expectations may be terrific.”

Read more here.

Question: How many times should you run a test? – James Bach

“Kevin asks: What is the best or industry standard for how many times a test case should be run?There are questions that should not be answered. For instance, “What size unicorn do you wear?” or “How many cars should I own?” Sure, I could answer them, but the answers are worthless. My answers are A) I don’t wear unicorns and B) 2. In these cases, the more helpful reply is to question the question.”

Read more here.

Transitioning to Agile/SCRUM: the impact on testing – Jeroen Mengerink

An increasing number of companies are using Agile/SCRUM to implement their software. It is quite a shift from traditional/waterfall development to the more flexible, less documented Agile/SCRUM approach. The transition often proves to be a challenge at some point.

Read more here.

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