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Blog Spy Vol 48: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 05/03/2014
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Welcome to the sixth Blog Spy round up of 2014. Here are some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye during the past week:

The Press Release of Moolya that PRWeb turned down – Pradeep Soundararajan

“Moolya – An Indian software testing company plans to setup a branch in Mars

If it’s true that there is intelligent life outside Earth and there could be life in Mars, Moolya Software Testing headquartered in Bangalore plans to setup a branch in Mars to offer services that intelligent species will need.”

Read more here.

Five things every developer should know about software architecture – Simon Brown

“Now I may be biased, but a quick look at my calendar hints to me that there’s a renewed and growing interest in software architecture. Although I really like much of the improvement the agile movement has provided to the software development industry, I still can’t help feeling that there are a large number of teams out there who struggle with a lack of process.”

Read more here.

Harry Collins and The Motive for Distinctions – Michael Bolton

“Harry Collins-sociologist of science, author, professor at Cardiff University, a researcher in the fields of the public understanding of science, the nature of expertise, and artificial intelligence-was slated to give a keynote speech at EuroSTAR 2013. Due to illness, he was unable to do so. The quote above is the abstract from the talk that Harry never gave.”

Read more here.

Is Software Testing Once Again a “Concept Sale?” – Randall Rice

“In marketing there is a thing known as a “concept sale.” That is, before you can even discuss features or price, you have to make the case for WHY the item or service is needed. Back in the day (1990 – 1995), test automation tools were a concept sale.”

Read more here.

Why I am context-driven – Huib Schoots

“My first steps on the testing path were in a happy-go-lucky way. I didn’t know much about testing and common sense helped me to do my work. Next I learned about structured testing methodologies. As a tester and later as a test manager, but also as a teacher, I observed many people test and learn to test. I struggled with the testing I did and saw others do. I started doubting the testing I was taught and teaching myself: it just wasn’t right… There is much more to testing that wasn’t told in the common testing classes. And why weren’t we testing actual software in these classes?”

Read more here.

Reporting session based testing – Katrina Clokie

“I was recently asked about the reporting available for session based testing at a test management and senior management level. By discarding the metric that many managers use to track their teams, test case count, I had created uncertainty about what they would use instead. Though I could demonstrate the rich information available from visual modeling and session based test reports, I was caught short by a lack of example management reporting artifacts. I set out to fix this by creating a set of high-level reports for a sample project.”

Read more here.

Can We Build Perfect Software? – Colin Cherry

“How would you define perfect software? Would be it bug free? Would it be lightning fast? Would it print money? Would it solve all your daily challenges? What would your perfect software do?”

Read more here.

The Worst Thing About Electronic Tools – Markus Gärtner

“A couple of weeks back, I became aware of a fact about electronic tools that gives a large drag to using it. I see lots of teams struggle with electronic tools. Most of the times these work with a raped bug-tracking tool used for – well, I think – status reporting towards their ScrumMaster during the daily Scrum meeting.”

Read more here.

Interviews with speakers series: Erik Boelen

Rob van Steenbergen interviews Erik Boelen about his adventures at testing conferences.

Read more here.

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