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Blog Spy Vol 49: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 12/06/2014
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Welcome to the latest edition of EuroSTAR’s Blog Spy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye recently:

Testing in the Pub – Episode 5: Continuous Delivery with Amy Philips – Stephen Janaway and Dan Ashby

A two part interview with Amy Phillips from the Testing in the Pub series that discusses Continuous Delivery and how testing fits in with Continuous Delivery.

Read more here.

Attitude, NOT Certification, is the Real Differentiator – Colin Cherry

“For me, the most important attribute required to thrive (or survive) in the Software Testing industry today is probably no different from the majority of other jobs out there – attitude. Attitude to learning. Attitude to opportunities. Attitude to other people. Attitude to yourself. Attitude to change.”

Read more here.

Smart Fuzzing For Test-Driven Development (SFTDD) – Gregor Molan

“Testing is divided into manual and automated testing. The long term goal is to increase the automated testing. Manual testing is possible to start with minimal prerequisites and it is the task for QA engineers. The idea is to relieve developers of a difficult coding load with switching to test automation – to write simple automated tests for a short period of time (month). Consequently, it assures requirement coverage before (or simultaneously with) implementation.

Read More here

Principles of Agile Governance – Chris Davies

Chris Davies explores his theory on the principals of the governance of Agile projects and how these guiding principles can be used to run the portfolio of Agile projects.

Read more here.

The Three Fundamental Principles of Agile Estimation – The Third One Will Surprise You! – Mishkin Berteig

“…Surprisingly few people understand the underlying principles of Agile Estimation. This lack of understanding often causes confusion or stress for the people who try to use Agile Estimation techniques. The discrepancy between traditional estimation techniques and Agile techniques is large and it is hard to bridge that mental gap without understanding the principles involved. There are three fundamental principles of Agile estimation”

Read more here.

Quotes of the Week – Test Huddle

A round-up of some of the interesting comments, news and and thoughts related to software testing from around the world.

Read More here.

My first Encounter(s) with bugs in games – Neil Studd

Neill Studd writes about his encounters with bugs as a young PC based gamer playing Elite 3: Frontier Encounters and the role of testing for small games developers today.

Read more here.

My Top Ten Favorite Science Fiction Movie Robots – James D. McCaffrey

“There are a surprisingly large number of science fiction movies that feature robots. Here are my 10 favorite sci-fi robots. To keep the candidate list manageable, I arbitrarily disqualified animated robots (so no “Iron Giant”), cyborgs (so no “Blade Runner” replicants), and cute robots (so no “Short Circuit”). These are my favorite robots, not necessarily my favorite films”

Read more here.

What’s new in Testing for Me – Paul Gerrard

Paul Gerrard writes on the four areas; testers and programmers, lean python, big data and “a new model of testing” where he predicts the testing world is going.

Read more here.

Upcoming Events – Week of June 16th

A guide to events that are happening this week in the software testing world.

Read More here.

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