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Blog Spy Vol 50: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 25/06/2014
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Welcome to the latest edition of EuroSTAR’s Blog Spy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye  in the last week:

The End Of The Road For Test Managers? – Stephen Janaway

“I’ve seen the challenges being a Test Manager in an Agile environment brings, in particular the difficulty in remaining relevant in the eyes of product and development managers, and the challenges of understanding enough about multiple areas in order to be able to support your team members.”

Read More here

How We Handle Bug Fixes and Rework – Olga Kouzina

“The way a software development company prioritizes their backlog depends on a number of things, and I will give an example of how we’ve explored various solutions to address the changing priorities. There’s never one single “How to prioritize backlog” recipe, and I want to caution everyone against blindly following a practice that worked for someone else. In each particular case, everything depends on the current context in which company finds itself at any given moment: how many developers are there in the company, how many customers, which strategic priorities does a company have. In short, smart pragmatism is the only universal tool that would help tackle a specific business challenge, not a ready-made “how to”.”

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QAs are like Referees, people only talk about them when they make mistakes – Gareth Waterhouse

“In a lot of companies and a lot of articles that I read online, people say that QA is under estimated, that good QA doesn’t get noticed enough, and they’re talking about it like it’s a bad thing? However, I strongly believe that good QA doesn’t need to be credited, the fact that people aren’t talking about QA is a good thing, it’s not just that no news is good news, but far more than that.” Read More here

Why Testers Really Should Learn To Code – Rob Lambert

“Testers need to learn to code. Period. And here’s why. The market demands it and the supply is arriving.”

Read More here

Transforming the QA process when a project moves into maintenance – Robert Pikas

There is no doubt that the QA process needs to change when a software development project goes to production environment used by real users. This is true for both agile and waterfall projects. This process usually benefits from being transformed to be more formal, well documented and controlled at the cost of speed and efficiency.

Read More here

The Conference List: Using a speaking slot as an incentive to get my testing house in order – Adam Knight

There are many benefits to speaking at a conference, the most obvious being the opportunity attend a high profile testing events without having to pay for a ticket. There is also a lot to gain from discussing your work with your peers, as I discussed in my post sparing the time.

Read More here

Four Ways Testers Can Change the Developer-Tester Dynamic – Tammy Shipps

“As testers, then, how do we begin to change how developers view us? There are a few things that we can do to help change the dynamic between ourselves and development teams for the better.”  Read More here

Two captains on one ship to rule the waves – Arjan Steltenpool

“It seems like a bad idea having two test managers in one project. However, in the SHARE program at copier manufacturer RICOH two men at the steering wheel kept the ship on course by bringing together a top-down – and a bottom-up focus. SHARE is an European roll-out of an ERP system. It is implemented in Operating Countries (OpCos) in 20 countries to achieve overall business benefits, like establishing a uniform product & services portfolio, – way of working, – reporting, and enabling the use of shared service centres”

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