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Blog Spy Vol 51: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 30/06/2014
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Welcome to the latest edition of EuroSTAR’s Blog Spy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye in the last week:

A Beginner’s Guide to System Testing – Bhumika Mehta

“So…do you really think it will take that huge amount of time to test, what you call system testing, even after spending lot of efforts on integration testing?”

Read More here

What Problem Is Hiring A Tester Solving? – Rob Lambert

“When hiring testers it’s important to know what problem you are trying to solve. By defining the problem that you have you’ll be able to ensure you solve the problem in the right way, whether that be by recruiting the right person or actually coming to the realization that recruitment won’t help.”

Read More here

Are You in The Right Testing Job – Aldo Rall

“I have noticed that a lot of testers are in testing simply because they match a job specification in terms of skills and experience. But they are in the job because it seems to be the only one they can get, even though it’s not what they really want to do.”

Read More here

Software Testing Careers – Should I Stay or Should I Go? – Randy Rice

“Some of you reading this are fortunate to be in a great company, working for a great manager and most days are sunny. However, I talk with thousands of testers every year and I think the great majority of them are in frustrating situations.”

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The Test Strategy is Dead. Long live the Test Contract – Iain Bright

“If testing was seen as a business, it would come under the service provider category as we don’t make anything. In this case our customers would be everyone that has an interest in the testing we are doing. This would include developers, stakeholders, project managers etc. However, we are also customers in what is a symbiotic relationship e.g. without developers building the application we would have nothing to test”

Read More here

How do I make testing faster? – Allan Kelly

“Later in the day I found myself in conversation with two people concerned about software testing. They posed the question: “How do we make testing faster?” Specifically, how do we make SIT (“System Integration Testing”) and UAT (“User Acceptance Testing”) faster?”

Read More here

Testers Should Be the Bearers of…Good News – Ryan Arsenault

An interview with Dawn Haynes, Principal Trainer and Consultant at PerfTestPlus, Inc on how testers don’t just have to be the bearers of bad news.

Read More here

Why do you need the report? – James Christie

“Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a report was, whether it was a status report that you had to complete, or a report generated by an application? You may have wondered if there was any real need for the report, and whether anyone would miss it if no-one bothered to produce it.”

Read More here

Upcoming Events for Week Ending June 30th

A preview to some of the events that are happening in the world of software testing this week. Read More here

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