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Blog Spy Vol 52: A Weekly Round-up From The Software Testing Blogosphere

  • 07/07/2014
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Welcome to the latest edition of EuroSTAR’s Blog Spy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye in the last week:

On Coffee and Process and Ritual and Testing – Pete Walen

Peter Walen discusses the simularities bewtween getting the perfect cup of coffee and testing.

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Postcards from the Trenches – Martin Phil

“Over the course of a project a tester will take on many roles and activities in a project and through these will gain valuable experiences. Over time you as a tester will have taken these experiences and assembled a toolbox of methods, ideas and ways of working to pick from for each new project.”

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Best Practices of Contect-Driven Testing – Ben Austin

“First of all, before anyone’s head explodes, let me explain what I mean by “Best Practices.” I know that, particularly in the realm of context-driven testing, this term is looked upon as a major misnomer that is only spewed by the ignorant and uneducated. But I don’t think that has to be the case.”

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Data Testing vs. Functional Testing – Eric Jacobson

So, you’ve got a green thumb. You’ve been growing houseplants your whole life. Now try to grow an orchid. What you’ve learned about houseplants has taught you very little about orchids.

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Do You Encourage People to Bring You Problems? – Johanna Rothman

“One of the familiar tensions in management is how you encourage or discourage people from bringing you problems. One of my clients had a favorite saying, “Don’t bring me problems. Bring me solutions.”

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Learning to code: just learning – Maaret Pyhäjärvi

“Testing is cognitively complex activity. So is coding. But they are different cognitive activities. When I do things, I want to be good – excellent even. With all the effort that learning testing takes, where to find time that coding takes?”

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A discussion on do testers really need to code. – John Stevenson

A reponse from John Stevenson toMaaret Pyhäjärvi blog post above and others comments on the need for testers to learn to code.

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The effects of combining QA and Test – Frans Dijkman

“How to sell in the necessary development processes and a structured test regime? This was the question I faced during a period I was responsible for Quality Assurance and Test during the initiation phase of a larger project.”

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Software Testing World Cup, Time management – Erik Brickarp

This blog post describes Erik’s experoences of taking part in the European qualifying round for STWC (Software Testing World Cup) and how his experiences can be applied to everyday testing.

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