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Blog Spy Vol 89: The latest round-up of software testing blogs from around the blogosphere

  • 07/04/2015
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  • Posted by Emma

Welcome to the latest edition of Eurostar’s BlogSpy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye in the last week.

How to Get Started in Software Testing – Rob Lambert

Rob Lambert shares a list of resources he recommends to use if you are interested in getting involved in software testing.

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BDD by Example – Dan North

Dan goes through some of the questions that were brought up about BDD at the recent CukeUp conference in London. “What is BDD?”, “How can I tell if I’m ‘doing BDD right’? Or wrong? Is there even such a thing?”, “Where should I start?”, “Is this or that practise considered part of BDD?”, “What are the mandatory ”core“ practises of BDD?”

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Patterns of API Virtualization – Matthew Heusser

When Christopher Alexander wrote A Pattern Language in 1977, he was looking for a more powerful way to describe a pattern language how towns and buildings were laid out.Twenty years later, Gamma, Helms, Johnson and Vlissdes took the pattern idea and applied it to object-oriented software, which at the time was struggling to figure out how to create windows-based applications. Today the struggle is figuring out how to break software into small components that can be tested independently, and then having those components interact, typically over internet protocols.

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10 Things to Know About Software Testers – Ryan Arsenault

Testers rarely get the spotlight, and some may think that they have it easy playing with apps all day. But to assume this would be inaccurate — software testers are a unique bunch, and there’s a lot about them that may surprise you. UTesters share 10 things you should know about software testers.

Read more here.

Read more here.

Microsoft: An Open Source Windows Is ‘Definitely Possible’ – Mark Russinovich

Microsoft’s Software Empire rests on Windows, the computer operating system that runs so many of the world’s desktop PCs, laptops, phones, and servers. Along with the Office franchise, it generates the majority of the company’s revenues. But one day, the company could “open source” the code that underpins the OS—giving it away for free. So says Mark Russinovich, one of the company’s top engineers.

Read more here.


Looking For and Valuing the Modern Tester – Jeff Nyman

The test discipline is an interesting spot right now which is where some testers are considered “too technical” and the fear is they don’t want to do the actual testing. On the other hand, some testers aren’t considered “technical enough” and thus the fear is that they put too much emphasis on the actual testing and not on the tooling around the testing. This should be a false dichotomy.

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