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BlogSpy Vol 72: The latest round-up of software testing blogs from around the blogosphere

  • 02/12/2014
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Welcome to the latest edition of Eurostar’s Blog Spy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye in the last week:


Who “owns” the defects? – Mike Talks

“We talk a lot about ownership, but sometimes I get a little tingle in my brain that makes me wonder if we’re all using the same definition.  It’s very easy for a term to be used so much that different people end up feeling that the word means different things to them, and sometimes I have to admit, I’m the one who’s getting it wrong!”

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Introspection on why I left… – Isaac Howard

“This is a story about a job long, long ago. In having gone through this, I developed a system of heuristic flags to look at an organization that you work for. While these are context sensitive, I tried to keep a little of the context in the flags to give the reader some idea of what I saw. Seeing these things as they happen is extremely difficult. When you are in the moment they can look like a compromise, yet remove yourself from the situation for 2-3 months and suddenly they become “OH MY GOD, I can’t believe they even asked us to do that!””

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Test Automation Venus Flytrap – Eric Jacobson

“You just read about a tester who used Selenium and he looked pretty cool in his bio picture.  Come on, you could do that.  You could write an automated check for this.  As you start coding, you realize your initial vision was too ambitious so you revise it.  Even with the revised design you’re running into problems with the test stack.  You may not be able to automate the initial checks you wanted, but you can automate this other thing.  That’s something.”

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Continuous Delivery in a .NET World – Adam Goucher

Adam Goucher speaks about his experiences of continuous delivery with .NET.

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Tips to Start Agile in a Hostile Environment – Mishkin Berteig

“Although Agile methods are very popular (particularly Scrum), there are still many organizations or departments which may not yet have official support for adopting Agile methods formally.  In some cases, management may even be hostile to the concepts and practices of Agile methods.  If you are interested in Agile, you don’t have to give up hope (or look to switch jobs).  Instead, here are some tips to start using Agile methods even in hostile environments.”

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