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BlogSpy Vol 85: The latest round-up of software testing blogs from around the blogosphere

  • 11/03/2015
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Welcome to the latest edition of Eurostar’s BlogSpy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye in the last week.


Why is a bug called a bug? – Gareth Waterhouse

Gareth explores the reasons for why a bug became known as a bug but the the reply from John Stevenson suggests the name might have a different background than first speculated.

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Clean Up Your Bug Tracker and Keep Numbers Manageable – Timothy Western

“A good team likely is trained to consistently report defects as accurately and promptly as possible. This means that over time the bug backlog builds up, and looking for what bugs to fix starts to seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. The best way to keep your tracker under control is to improve the quality curve earlier.”

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The Role of Testers in an Agile Environment – John Stevenson

“As with any change in the way people are asked to work there is much confusion and for some a little bit of fear.  People are being asked to step out of their comfort zone and embrace a constantly changing, dynamic way of working. One role within the agile world that has been pushed back and forth is the testing role.”

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The Power of Testability Compels You (Not) – Gil Zilberfeld

“Once more I get into a training session on unit testing, and once more I hear “”It feels wrong to change my code just for testability.”” My immediate reaction was “because the design you have right now is so good, right?” (yes, I said it out loud).”

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TESTHEAD Turns Five Today – Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen reflects on five years of the TESTHead blog.

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No. Agile Does Not Scale – Jurgen Appelo

“Without a doubt, Agile development has been one of the most successful global movements in the landscape of business in the last decade. But the growing Agile community has encountered issues with its own values and principles. There are cracks in the Agile foundation.”

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DevOps vs. Platform Engineering – Alex Gaynor

Continuing the analysis of the types of work methods found in software development, Alex Gaynor analyses the popular DevOps methods and looks at how it compares to others.

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