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BlogSpy Vol 96: The latest round-up of software testing blogs from around the blogosphere

  • 26/05/2015
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Welcome to the latest edition of EuroSTAR’s BlogSpy, a round up of some of the latest blog posts from the Software Testing Industry that have caught our eye in the last week.


Spreading your ideas without being there yourself – Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret writes about using another tester’s session material and how it has made her realise that testers could be more open when allowing others to use their material.

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What are TDD and ATDD? – Ulf Eriksson

Ulf briefly explores what Test Driven Development (TDD) and Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) are and how they work in a Agile environment.

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Your Presentation Needs a Punch Line – Annette Ferrara

In you are new to presentations or experience in the art, the advice offered by Annette Ferrara in her blog post has clear relevance. Annette explores how to make the best use out of your concept when presenting to an audience.

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Fridge Terrorism – Chris Ambler

Chris looks at the incoming “Internet of Things”, what this means for testing; how will “things” be tested, what will be tested and especially examines security as an issue.
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Are You an Integration Specialist? – JD Meier

JD Meier explores the difference between a specialist and a “jack of all trades” and asks if there can be such a thing as a intergration specialist.

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Make The Dirt Pay – James Thomas

James Thomas explains how seeing product from the users point of view is the “pay dirt” that testers should be making the most of.

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QA Leadership – Elliott Stanley

Elliott Stanley examines testing leadership and management and expalins what a QA leaderhip role should entail.
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