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BlogStar contest final post! Thanks for the past weeks full of fun – by Shmuel Gershon

  • 15/10/2010
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I would like to use this blog post to thank a bunch of people.

Thanks to the EuroSTAR folks, for organizing the contest and letting us share our views on their website (and for providing good support when requested).
To the readers who retwitted, commented and discussed; and my friends that stoped lurking and voiced their opinions.
And many thanks to the other bloggers. Everyone did an amazing job: Teemu, Eric, Adam, Ajay, Ard, Erik, Paul, Sherlin, Jesper, Graham…
The quality and content of the posts were fantastic. Not sure readers can imagine how much time and effort these authors put on their texts!

The contest could have turned out pretty wrong :), it was a risk taking by the organizers. But I am happy to see it had good results.

Well, the contests ends today.
As with any contest, it is not the best who wins (many times the best isn’t even participating :) ). But let the best from the participants according to one specific set of criteria to win! I wish luck to all!

I would like to see this movement continuing and more posts on this.
I also wish the winner keeps blogging once he is at the conference, posting what happened on the day, interviews, pictures, videos…

Good game, good time!


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