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In , Out of the Box Thinking @ Testing

  • 08/10/2010
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In a language class , the teacher wrote a sentence ‘ A woman without her man is nothing’ and asked the students to punctuate it.

Given below is the manner in which the students punctuated it.

Boys : A woman, without her man , is incomplete

Girls : A woman , without her , man is incomplete

Now what one understands from this is there are different ways to view the same thing. People can have different opinions on any given subject. And as testers we need to keep this is mind – there may be more than one way to write a test an application, to write a test case, to create a test

scenario, to carry out result analysis. One needs to come up with different, diverse methods of testing rather than sticking to archaic conventions all the time. Use of a set of standard processes is very good and we must use them, but we should be open to make changes to these processes if required.

Consider: If a junior associate feels that there is a better way to present the final test results,   to display the graphs we should be open to make changes in test report template than simply sticking to convention. We should be open to new and fresh ideas and may be try experimenting as well.

Templates that we use for plans, reports , metrics submission needs to be updated periodically so that we keep things up to date

Remember It is possible to be different and still be all right. There can be two – or more – answers to the same question, and all can be right.   – Anne Wilson Schaef

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